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Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Bad Beauty Confessions! DiamondsAndHeels14's Beauty Mistakes :)

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  1. Girl, I'm a chronic picker too. :-) I think it really is a psychological thing and has a broad spectrum. I saw on one of those shows one time about people with mental illnesses a gal who would pick her face to bleeding when there was nothing there because in her mind there was something there that needed to be extracted. It is SO HARD for me to keep my hands off my zits! I literally have to avoid mirrors when I have a breakout or I will just pick and squeeze it to death. It's embarrassing but it's true. And I get obsessed about my face not being touched. When my husband and I were dating, the first time he went to romantically touch my face I physically recoiled and had to explain to him why. I can't help it. He's used to it now. And sometimes I constantly think about what I've been touching and what kind of germs and dirt and oil could be on my hands and being transferred to my face and getting into my skin and causing a pimple. It sucks. All that to say, I sympathize with you!