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Monday, October 8, 2012

Healthy Whole Wheat Breads That Are Actually Good For You!

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  1. hi cassandra, your an inspiration!

    I wacthed one of your vids about your skin problem and I was in a similar place a year ago. I discovered I had PCOS (a hormonal problem) that was causing the acne and that was being caused by an allergy to gluten. i changed my diet and lifestyle and im much better now. to sort my skin out quickly I went to the dermotologist who gave me BHA peels (2 layers) every 2-3 weeks and it worked wonders! she would also put my under a red light during every treatment(used to heal burn victims) and it actually heals the acne and takes the redness away instantly (and you would never know you just had a peel). i now use lycogel foundation on my skin, its honestly a miracle, it heals your acne while you wear it and it commonly used by people who have had surgey on their face, its also waterproof and gives great coverage. I recently went for the VI peel and my skin is perfect now! I also use skin care products prescibed by my dermotologist in order to prenetrate the dermis because all that other stuff is a waste of time and can actually age your skin, one should only use medically prescibed facial care products! I also take a strong anti oxidant called anstaxathin and that means I have almost no wrinkles. well thats my success story with my acne but I know how frustrating it can be! you are very brave and must perservere through this!