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Monday, September 10, 2012

Mac Eyeshadow Colors For Autumn & Fall!! My Favorites & Not Just Your Ne...

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  1. Hello! I met you very quickly at the Boy meets Girl show during NYFW. I am sorry for being starstruck and calling you out on your videos! I was just so surprised/starstruck when I saw you! I am so happy for you that your acne is getting better and was so surprised/pleased that you are so nice in person!
    I wish I got to stay for the whole show, but I got sent after models were done to another show to help out the team. Thank you for your great videos and I wish you the best!

  2. Could you (if you've not done already) perhaps do a video of your night time beauty regime?! Thanks!

  3. Hi Cassandra! I love your YouTube channel. I was wondering if you've ever done a video on what shampoo and conditioner you use? I have severe face and body acne and now it's spreading to my scalp. I'd really appreciate any recommendations :)