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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Haul! Skin, Hair, & Summer Clothes! (Ulta, Macy's, Ross, ASOS, The Outnet)

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  1. this is amazing. wow, you truly give others an inspiration that is difficult to find. I had acne as an adult and it was depressing however minimal or severe it got. on my face, neck and back. your hear all sorts of advice from everyone, I know... my dermatologist referred me to a obgyn that specializes in endocrinology. All hormones and labs were normal, I was diagnosed with PCOS but was not your typical look for one. I did have oily skin, acne and ovarian cyst but not overweight and very healthy otherwise... he started me on loestrene 24 (birth control pill,which I always refused to take because I didnt believe in them) and spirnolactone (different dosages) and my world changed... it took 1-2 months to see results, dr. told me it would take may 3-6 months and you have to be on it for about 24 months. I have NO acne. words cannot describe how if feels to not have blemishes/acne anymore. I feel like a diferent person. It has completely changed my self esteem although no one could tell how I felt on the inside, I always hid it very well. It really changed everything for me. I know it may not work for everyone, I did not even know it was an option until I saw the dr. but I have to tell people because you never know if it might work unless you try it.

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