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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Foundation Reviews!!! 10 Favorites and Not- So Favorites

I wanted to post a quick spiff on a few of my favorites, for those out there who have struggled as much as I have.

My skin is Oily/ Oily Combo, Acne Prone, and very sensitive. I prefer medium coverage, full coverage for events, and tinted moisturizers for everyday.

Full Coverage:

Laura mercier Silk Creme - I love this foundation, one of my favorites for every day wear. My only concern is that after a few hours it will crease by my smilelines, which is undesirable. Gives a very matte/satin finish, and covers my acne extremely well. I wouldn't recommend it for mature or wrinkled skin. I like using it with a primer, but id say avoid powders and opt for a spray. I feel powders may increase the wrinkle-ability.

Hourglass Immaculate- This is one of the best oil control foundations I've ever tried. it's liquid to powder, build-able, and has never transfered on me. 6-8 hours and I may see a few smile lines, but it honestly stays in place very well. I dont use a primer or powder, but occasionally a setting spray. Even for my oily skin it is very mattifying, and can make me feel tight. I personally dont care for super-matte every day, but whenever it's time for a photoshoot and I need a matified skin (so it doesnt reflect on camera) its my full-coverage go-to. The shade range however stinks, and I usually need to do some heavy blending and use colored primers (which I dont like to use with this foundation anyways) to get a matching shade. be sure to go in-store and sample your color before buying.

Makeup For Ever HD One of my absolute favorites! If you are looking for a super full coverage foundation, wrinkles or not, go for it! It says on all day, doesn't crease or wrinkle much, and gives a dewy finish. If you want it to be more mattified, add powder. I think this is great for aged skin, and great for acne, however it does have silicones. If you are acne prone, leaving it on might break you out. I prefer to wear it on days where I need full coverage, but dont need to be on camera, because of the dewy finish.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour I honestly havent been too impressed with this foundation. I'll be honest, I havent worn it that religiously too many times, (maybe 3-5) but so far its been a 5 1/2 out of 10. I feel it wrinkles terribly, and doesnt keep me super matte. It covers great, but my t zone will get oily by the end of the day. Primer doesn't help, and powder makes it worse.  setting spray usually helps. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with wrinkles.

Chanel Hydramax Active-I LOVE this, especially for everyday wear. Its probably one of my favorites. Its a bit sheer, so I occasionally put concealer underneath, but it gives a pretty natural satin finish. It helps me from getting oily, and since it doesnt move into wrinkles, I think it would be god for dry skin as well. I use it without anything else, only occasionally a setting spray/concealer.

Laura mercier Tinted Moisturizer-I love this, but man does it oxidize! Find your perfect shade, then let it sit 5-10 mins. You will need a shade 2-3 lighter! This would probably be best to mix in with a more full coverage foundation, or for everyday women who dont need that much coverage. Its a bit sheer for my acne, and only with a white-based primer can I really make it work on its own. Gives my skin a dewy finnish.

Tarte Smooth Operator- I love this, but it does oxidize! Its easy to apply, sheer-medium coverage, and sets with or without a powder. For my skin, its great, and would recommend it for anyone who s looking for good everyday wear. it lasts 4-6 hours for me, and longer (8-10) with a primer & setting powder/spray.  Gives my skin a semi-mattified to satin finish.

Sarah Mcnamara MST I think this could be great for those who have aged or mature skin, who are worried about wrinkles. For my acneic skin, unless its applied very light, it tends to be a bit heavy, although the coverage itself is light-Medium. Its a more dewy finish- again great for those with mature skin, but not for those who are already oily. I wouldn't recommend powdering over it, and no primer is necessary.

Cover FX - I love it, but it is SO SHER! It gives the skin a satin finish, and is overall great, but hardly covers at all. Id use it more as a skincare product than an actual makeup!!! Primer is optional, but not needed. Powdering over could help with the coverage.

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