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Friday, May 4, 2012

European Waxing Salon Review

As many of you know, I model and study outside of youtube. Part of modeling is making sure that if you are in shorts or a swimsuit that your legs arent super hairy on camera! I am an avid waxer, and because I get SO MANY questions about it, I've decided not JUST to wax for modleing, but to bring you a review of ea h experience, telling you what Ive learned with each waxer. (I'll be going to someone different each time to give you the best and most comprehensive tips and tricks). In addition, when waxing over a pierod of time the hair is supposted to grow back much sparser. I wanted to keep a log and show you what, if any the long-term progress is!

The European Waxing Salon is a chain waxing place, and for me it works, in case I'm traveling for a modeling gig and need a last min wax (like the Today Show! I was scrambling to get waxed, but thank goodness they have nationwide locations!)

Different waxing places will have different waxes they use, but european waxing salon uses 'beeswax', a 'hard wax'. Hair wax is different from traditional strip wax, and according to those at EWS, the beeswax means there is less room for skin irritation or allergic reaction.

Still Have Questions? Learn about shaving Vs Waxing!!!

Experiences 1 and 2:

The first experience happened in Feb/March, at "LOCATION 1" in the town that my boyfriend lives in. The waxer I had was Anna, who had graduated beauty school two years early, and was so nice to slip me in for a last min appointment! I was getting my bikini line done, because I was planning on doing a 'sailor' photoshoot- it was possible it would involve a cute nautical swimsuit and I didnt want to be embarrassed with any unwanted hair poking out the sides. She began by prepping and my skin, explaining that it would probably be very painful the first time and get better gradually. She started applying the hard wax, in a fairly thin layer which I was surprised by. Hard wax is generally thicker. She sat to let it dry, and started on the other side, applying the same thin, long layer. She then went back to the original side, and applied the second layer, bringing the wax to its usual thickness. She did this to both sides, let it dry, and with one hand held the skin taught, and the other ripped. it honestly didn't hurt all that bad. I didnt cry, I didnt scream, a little wince and pinch and that was all.

She then went to the other side, and ripped off the wax in the same motion- THIS ONE HURT LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE!!! It ended up ripping part of the skin, and started bleeding. She was so kind and apologetic- it hurt like a freak-a-dekin flying cow but want that big of a deal to me, and worked on the surrounding areas, avoiding that one spot.

She continued waxing, and explained a bit about her background. I also asked different questions concerning waxing. I learned that, unlike my previous experience, she doesnt necessarily check the hair growth, she just pulls up bottom to top, how the hair generally grows. She also explained that exfoliating will help with any ingrown hairs, or waxy buildup.

Once she wax done, she applied an anti-regrowth serum. I didnt buy it, but it seemed interesting, although ill have to look into the experience.

The next experience was around mid April in Location 2, although this was for my armpits instead. This location wasnt visually as nice, however the cashier was much friendlier. The lady who waxed me was Stephanie, a nursing student who was using waxing as her part time job. I explained the hurry for getting waxed- I was on my way to The Today Show in 3 hours and couldn't be a hairy beast! She prepped my skin the same way Anna had, and ook very generous gobs of wax. She applied these differently- to my armpits they were very thick, yet long, and on my legs they were very thin and long I expected her to 'double up' like Anna had, however she left just one layer, and ripped up the leg, in the oposite direction of hair growth, up the entire leg and knee. It hurt a bit more, but overall the experience wasn't much different than that with Anna... except for the ripped skin that happened the first time.

I asked her a few different questions, and she explained that there were home made remedies to stop from receiving ingrown hairs. I asked her if she waxed herself, and she replied that she shaved, because she didnt like the pulling. I was shocked! She admitted she didnt have tough skin, but I was still surprised. She continued and finished, and applied a different re-growth serium this time, and thankfully didnt push me to buy it :) When checking my hair a few days later, it was already stubbly. im assuming that the wax 'broke' the hair, instead of ripping it out completely in certain parts, resulting in more of a shave than a wax on certain aprts of my legs. Its been about 15 days, and my legs are still farly short, just stubbly. My armpits have a few hairs that are longer, but they arent as thick as they originally were.

They recommend getting waxed every 4 weeks, but ill probably go when the hair gets long/thick enough. The panty-line are is definitely long enough to re-wax, and ill probably be going pretty soon... it will be interesting to see if this pain is any different than the last, since it is supposed to get gradually easier!

Ill be sure to update you when im able to try out new locations and talk to new waxers, however id still love to hear your experience, with any waxing salon!

Have a horror story? An amazing experience? Be sure to share!!!
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  1. You are far, far braver than I!

  2. Hey, I just discovered your YouTube channel a few days ago and was totally hooked. Thanks for all the help! You are doing an amazing job in helping others and simply imparting happiness!!

    Apart from the above, I also wanted to recommend you something that is quite common in the UK (possibly because of the higher percentage of Indian/Arabic ethnicities). It's misleadingly called sugar wax, although it is made with only sugar and lemon juice. It's totally natural (you can eat it!) and it hurts much less than the wax.

    You can make it yourself, although this takes quite a bit of practice. Or you can buy it from Turkish online stores or even Ebay. Beware of the very misleading Veet Oriental Wax as it contains sugar but it's more of a traditional wax.

    Basically what the sugar does is pull out the hair without so much exfoliation as the wax, therefore there are far less ingrown hairs and your skin will feel silky smooth post-wax. It's kind of like your honey facial, just for legs. The caramelised sugar catches the hair and provides a light exfoliation and the lemon juice seals it in by closing your pores (hair follicles canals or whatever they're called).

    Also, the reason you had hair quite early is because of the different stages of hair growth. At the time when you had your wax, that hair was not out of the skin yet so obviously it wasn't pulled off. Not all of your hair is the same length at the same time.

    So I hope that you can try this as it is a very traditional method of hair removal and used for probably as long as sugar and honey have been around! And thanks again for everything. You are a lovely person!

  3. Oooh, sounds like bad waxing if the hairs get broken. We use Lycon. It grips super short hairs and doesn't stick to the skin, just to the hair so less pain! See my article A more comfortable waxing treatment

  4. If you live in NY and looking for good waxing salons in Manhattan, I would recommend to visit Dyanna Spa beauty salon.