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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Favorite Sin Care & Makeup Products for the Month of May

Favorite Skincare & Makeup Products Of May

1. Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub. This is one of the best exfoliators I've ever used, and does miracles for both those with acne, and those with wrinkles or aging concerns. It contains BHA acids, that exfolaite along with gentle scrubbing beads. Its oil free, so it wont' aggravate acne, and the exfolaition helps break down the pimples. The Acids go deeper into the skin to further exfoliate, and eliminate bacteria. For those with wrinkles, the exfolaiting beads help slough off dull skin, and the acids penetrate deep, to where the wrinkles are set to plump them up and over time, help eliminate them. $7 at CVS

2, Hourglass Immaculate Foundation, Shade Ivory. This is one of the truest liquid to powder foundation I've ever used, and the build-able coverage can take you from medium to photo ready. It's completely oil absorbing, and keeps me (an oily mess by mid-day) completely mattified until I fall asleep. No primer or powder needed, and its waterproof and transfer resistant. I use it at many of my Modeling Photo Shoots, and will continue using it int he water all summer. $55 at Sephora (HERE IS A PHOTO EXAMPLE:

3. Victorias Secret Luminous Mineral Blush In Starlet.This blush is one of my absolute favorites and summer go-tos. Its a deep rosy peach, and a shade that looks good on dark t light ranges of skin. It's a very fine, soft texture, which makes it build-able for more, or less color. Its not sparkley, but has a slightly luminous shine, giving the wearer a perfect glowing complexion. Not to mention it's mineral, and much better for the skin than many of it's synthetic competitors. $15, Victorias Secret Stoes

4. Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Body 20 in Bronze Enhancer. This is one of my newest discoveries and favorite products, I was introduced to the line with their amazing Beauty balm Creams, but what they have for the body is even better. The MST Body is like a tinted moisturizer, bb Cream, Foundation, Sunscreen, and Self Tanner for the skin. It goes on silky smooth, and doesn't leave orange palms like so many other products. The moisturizer and beneficial ingredients absorb quickly into the skin, leaving the bronze pigment to be transfer-resistant, and giving the body and amazing tanned glow. SPF 20 helps keep the skin safe, and its water resistant- perfect for the beach & pool. When you're ready to take it off, simply wash with soap and water. $34 at Sephora

5.Proactiv Makeup Cleansing Wipes. These wipes are amazingly non-ittatating. So amyn makeup removing ipes cause redness, irritation and distress to the skin, however Proactiv's wipes remove makeup without the adgitation, even for sensitive skin. A few wipes for the whold face and all traces of waterproof mascara, lipstick, and even thick foundation are gone. It's formulated wihtout alcohol, so there is no drying or burning either. It's safe for acne prone skin, and gentle enough for aging skin. It contains Lavender Extract to help sooth the skin and over time help with fine lines and wrinkles. $15

6. Omorovicza Budapest Cleansing Foam. This is one of the most luxurious and effective cleansers I think I've ever used. It comes out of the bottle supprisingly thick, and when emulsified in hads and applied to face completely cleanses and deeply soothes. It has a very refreshing smell, and is formulated with top-of the line minerals to penetrate the skin's Dermis, to effectively treat against pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage, acne and other sin care concerns. It cleanses completely, without striping the skin of moisture or causing dryness. Over time, the minerals continue to penetrate and show notable firmness, radiance, and overall luminosity. 70$

7.Too Faced's Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System. Finally someone got it right- A non clumpy, non drying, extending, voluming and lengthening long wear mascara!! The system comes with two tubes, Step 1 & 2 to extend each lash individually, and coat them to fullness & perfection. Flexistretch Nylon fibers are used to lengthen and lock onto each lash, lengthening them each up to 42% in length and 98% In volume. Its made for all day wear, and formulated without sulfates, synthetic fragrances, Phthalates, gmo's, and triclosan- Making it safe for contact lens users and those who are sensitive in general. It lasts through heat & humidity, and I have gotten away with it in photoshoots, instead of resorting to lashes! 35$ at Sephorra.

8. La Roche Posay Hydraphase Eyes Targeted Rehydration. This little bottle packs a big punch, and being an on-the-go woman, I don't always have the best luck when it comes to undereye bags. I have sensitive eyes as well, so many creams and serums irritate them, or make them water. I love this one because I can apply it 5-10 mins before makeup, or at night before I go to bed. Either way, It completely takes down my undereye bags, sooths them, and even works on erasing the dark color. Its a product that doesn't travel, which is a huge plus for those who know what its like to put eye cream on, and have it travel down your cheeks thorough the day. Its small enough to fit in my purse or pocket, and works so quickly that i'ts naturally one of my favorite products. 32.95, (or less when on sale) at CVS

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Email Time Talk! Acne, Ingrown Hairs, Foundation & Butts!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MSN NOW Brave teen turns acne insecurity into...

MSN NOW: Brave teen turns acne insecurity into.....

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Makeup Remover Wipes Review, Compare & Contrast : Garnier, Proactiv, Neutrogena

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Haul! Skin, Hair, & Summer Clothes! (Ulta, Macy's, Ross, ASOS, The Outnet)

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Foundation Reviews!!! 10 Favorites and Not- So Favorites

I wanted to post a quick spiff on a few of my favorites, for those out there who have struggled as much as I have.

My skin is Oily/ Oily Combo, Acne Prone, and very sensitive. I prefer medium coverage, full coverage for events, and tinted moisturizers for everyday.

Full Coverage:

Laura mercier Silk Creme - I love this foundation, one of my favorites for every day wear. My only concern is that after a few hours it will crease by my smilelines, which is undesirable. Gives a very matte/satin finish, and covers my acne extremely well. I wouldn't recommend it for mature or wrinkled skin. I like using it with a primer, but id say avoid powders and opt for a spray. I feel powders may increase the wrinkle-ability.

Hourglass Immaculate- This is one of the best oil control foundations I've ever tried. it's liquid to powder, build-able, and has never transfered on me. 6-8 hours and I may see a few smile lines, but it honestly stays in place very well. I dont use a primer or powder, but occasionally a setting spray. Even for my oily skin it is very mattifying, and can make me feel tight. I personally dont care for super-matte every day, but whenever it's time for a photoshoot and I need a matified skin (so it doesnt reflect on camera) its my full-coverage go-to. The shade range however stinks, and I usually need to do some heavy blending and use colored primers (which I dont like to use with this foundation anyways) to get a matching shade. be sure to go in-store and sample your color before buying.

Makeup For Ever HD One of my absolute favorites! If you are looking for a super full coverage foundation, wrinkles or not, go for it! It says on all day, doesn't crease or wrinkle much, and gives a dewy finish. If you want it to be more mattified, add powder. I think this is great for aged skin, and great for acne, however it does have silicones. If you are acne prone, leaving it on might break you out. I prefer to wear it on days where I need full coverage, but dont need to be on camera, because of the dewy finish.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour I honestly havent been too impressed with this foundation. I'll be honest, I havent worn it that religiously too many times, (maybe 3-5) but so far its been a 5 1/2 out of 10. I feel it wrinkles terribly, and doesnt keep me super matte. It covers great, but my t zone will get oily by the end of the day. Primer doesn't help, and powder makes it worse.  setting spray usually helps. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with wrinkles.

Chanel Hydramax Active-I LOVE this, especially for everyday wear. Its probably one of my favorites. Its a bit sheer, so I occasionally put concealer underneath, but it gives a pretty natural satin finish. It helps me from getting oily, and since it doesnt move into wrinkles, I think it would be god for dry skin as well. I use it without anything else, only occasionally a setting spray/concealer.

Laura mercier Tinted Moisturizer-I love this, but man does it oxidize! Find your perfect shade, then let it sit 5-10 mins. You will need a shade 2-3 lighter! This would probably be best to mix in with a more full coverage foundation, or for everyday women who dont need that much coverage. Its a bit sheer for my acne, and only with a white-based primer can I really make it work on its own. Gives my skin a dewy finnish.

Tarte Smooth Operator- I love this, but it does oxidize! Its easy to apply, sheer-medium coverage, and sets with or without a powder. For my skin, its great, and would recommend it for anyone who s looking for good everyday wear. it lasts 4-6 hours for me, and longer (8-10) with a primer & setting powder/spray.  Gives my skin a semi-mattified to satin finish.

Sarah Mcnamara MST I think this could be great for those who have aged or mature skin, who are worried about wrinkles. For my acneic skin, unless its applied very light, it tends to be a bit heavy, although the coverage itself is light-Medium. Its a more dewy finish- again great for those with mature skin, but not for those who are already oily. I wouldn't recommend powdering over it, and no primer is necessary.

Cover FX - I love it, but it is SO SHER! It gives the skin a satin finish, and is overall great, but hardly covers at all. Id use it more as a skincare product than an actual makeup!!! Primer is optional, but not needed. Powdering over could help with the coverage.

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New Youtube Playlist: Life!

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How To Control Oily Skin! (Cassandra Bankson's Makeup Tips & Tricks)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Salicylic Acid For Acne : How Does It Work? What Does It Do? Does It Work?

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Spring/Sumer 2012 Wish-list


Be sure to post a comment, tweet a photo, or post one the the facebook wall!!
Gucci Heart Sunglasses
Giuseppe Zanotti Turquoise Suede Heel Less Sandals (E20297 001)

Helmut Lang Viscose Twist Skirt in Star Burst 

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Should You Exfoliate In The Morning Or Evening? Why?

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Foundation Ingredients To Avoid!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waxing Update & What Arre Your Questions?

Hello! So I wanted to update you on my legs/hairs, since It's time for another wax today. Over the last week or so, I have noticed small bumps, only in small, certain strips on my legs. They appear to be miniature ingrown hairs, that have hardened by the surface. Seeing as they aren't all over the legs, and only in certain strips, that, in addition to longer/sorter hair regrowth tells me that the last time I was waxed, parts of the hair wasn't removed properly. Exfoliating has helped remove those bumps, but hasn't been excellent. The last time my legs were waxed, it seems that the waxer "broke" the hairs off at the base of the skin, instead of removing them completely. Armpits are not having this problem, however I do have 3-4 ingrown hairs. I have not been exfoliating this area. Today when I head in, I intend to ask what they have for the ingrown, and how often they occur. My bikini line is fine, although the hairs are still growing at random intervals. I know that after a peered of time they SHOULD be growing back evenly.. I hope it happens soon! I'll be sure to let you know what I learn today! Before I head in, are there any questions that you have about waxing, that I might be able to ask the waxer?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Uses Of Clear Nail Polish!!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide and Ideas!

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Why Breaking Out Is GOOD When Trying A New Product! (& A Subway Sandwich Song :)

Follow Me on Pinterest Why Breaking Out Is GOOD When Trying A New Product! (& A Subway Sandwich Song :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Acne Review: Clean Start Ready Set Scrub From Dermologica

Follow Me on Pinterest Why Does Our Acne Look Worse After Washing Our Face? How To Stop Sugar Cravings! Why They Happen: LONGER LEGS For Spring/Summer!!!! Products Ive Used Up and Bought Again! TRY IT ON Clothing Haul! Longer Lashes Without Falsies! Subscribe!! Subscribe - Personal Channel! Twitter Diamondsandheels14 Facebook! Cassandra Bankson Facebook! Tumblr Pintrest BLOG Chictopia Google Plus Instagram: Diamondsandheels14 TAGS "dermologica" "clean start" "dermologica clean start" "review" "clean start review" "dermologica review" "dermologica clean start review" "ready set scrub" "acne" "cleanser" "scrub" "mask" "masque" "exfoliator" "salicylic acid" "ingredients" "where to buy" "is it worth it" "does it work" "does" "work" "pimples" "acne" "zits" "system" "regimen" "health" "skin"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Longer Eyelashes Without Falsies Makeup Tutorial!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Stop Sugar Cravings!! What Causes Them? Blood Sugar & Weight Gain on Talkin Tuesday!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

DE STRESS! Ways To Lower Stress Levels & Why Stress Is So Bad For Your Health!

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back Acne : How To Wear Open Back Shirts, Prom Dress, Or Swim Suits! Cassandra Bankson's Makeup Tips

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Friday, May 4, 2012

European Waxing Salon Review

As many of you know, I model and study outside of youtube. Part of modeling is making sure that if you are in shorts or a swimsuit that your legs arent super hairy on camera! I am an avid waxer, and because I get SO MANY questions about it, I've decided not JUST to wax for modleing, but to bring you a review of ea h experience, telling you what Ive learned with each waxer. (I'll be going to someone different each time to give you the best and most comprehensive tips and tricks). In addition, when waxing over a pierod of time the hair is supposted to grow back much sparser. I wanted to keep a log and show you what, if any the long-term progress is!

The European Waxing Salon is a chain waxing place, and for me it works, in case I'm traveling for a modeling gig and need a last min wax (like the Today Show! I was scrambling to get waxed, but thank goodness they have nationwide locations!)

Different waxing places will have different waxes they use, but european waxing salon uses 'beeswax', a 'hard wax'. Hair wax is different from traditional strip wax, and according to those at EWS, the beeswax means there is less room for skin irritation or allergic reaction.

Still Have Questions? Learn about shaving Vs Waxing!!!

Experiences 1 and 2:

The first experience happened in Feb/March, at "LOCATION 1" in the town that my boyfriend lives in. The waxer I had was Anna, who had graduated beauty school two years early, and was so nice to slip me in for a last min appointment! I was getting my bikini line done, because I was planning on doing a 'sailor' photoshoot- it was possible it would involve a cute nautical swimsuit and I didnt want to be embarrassed with any unwanted hair poking out the sides. She began by prepping and my skin, explaining that it would probably be very painful the first time and get better gradually. She started applying the hard wax, in a fairly thin layer which I was surprised by. Hard wax is generally thicker. She sat to let it dry, and started on the other side, applying the same thin, long layer. She then went back to the original side, and applied the second layer, bringing the wax to its usual thickness. She did this to both sides, let it dry, and with one hand held the skin taught, and the other ripped. it honestly didn't hurt all that bad. I didnt cry, I didnt scream, a little wince and pinch and that was all.

She then went to the other side, and ripped off the wax in the same motion- THIS ONE HURT LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE!!! It ended up ripping part of the skin, and started bleeding. She was so kind and apologetic- it hurt like a freak-a-dekin flying cow but want that big of a deal to me, and worked on the surrounding areas, avoiding that one spot.

She continued waxing, and explained a bit about her background. I also asked different questions concerning waxing. I learned that, unlike my previous experience, she doesnt necessarily check the hair growth, she just pulls up bottom to top, how the hair generally grows. She also explained that exfoliating will help with any ingrown hairs, or waxy buildup.

Once she wax done, she applied an anti-regrowth serum. I didnt buy it, but it seemed interesting, although ill have to look into the experience.

The next experience was around mid April in Location 2, although this was for my armpits instead. This location wasnt visually as nice, however the cashier was much friendlier. The lady who waxed me was Stephanie, a nursing student who was using waxing as her part time job. I explained the hurry for getting waxed- I was on my way to The Today Show in 3 hours and couldn't be a hairy beast! She prepped my skin the same way Anna had, and ook very generous gobs of wax. She applied these differently- to my armpits they were very thick, yet long, and on my legs they were very thin and long I expected her to 'double up' like Anna had, however she left just one layer, and ripped up the leg, in the oposite direction of hair growth, up the entire leg and knee. It hurt a bit more, but overall the experience wasn't much different than that with Anna... except for the ripped skin that happened the first time.

I asked her a few different questions, and she explained that there were home made remedies to stop from receiving ingrown hairs. I asked her if she waxed herself, and she replied that she shaved, because she didnt like the pulling. I was shocked! She admitted she didnt have tough skin, but I was still surprised. She continued and finished, and applied a different re-growth serium this time, and thankfully didnt push me to buy it :) When checking my hair a few days later, it was already stubbly. im assuming that the wax 'broke' the hair, instead of ripping it out completely in certain parts, resulting in more of a shave than a wax on certain aprts of my legs. Its been about 15 days, and my legs are still farly short, just stubbly. My armpits have a few hairs that are longer, but they arent as thick as they originally were.

They recommend getting waxed every 4 weeks, but ill probably go when the hair gets long/thick enough. The panty-line are is definitely long enough to re-wax, and ill probably be going pretty soon... it will be interesting to see if this pain is any different than the last, since it is supposed to get gradually easier!

Ill be sure to update you when im able to try out new locations and talk to new waxers, however id still love to hear your experience, with any waxing salon!

Have a horror story? An amazing experience? Be sure to share!!!
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