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Saturday, April 7, 2012

As We Tumble Down

Warm & Nautical 

Outfit Ideas - Spice Up A Graphic T For Spring

Just In Time For Easter - Minty Ruffles and Bows For A Feminine Outfit

Boho In The City - Braids and Socks

Lace, Boho, Chains, and Belts. Easy, Laid Back and Original Outfit Ideas

The Girlfriend - Shorts and a T are given a feminine touch with theis Boyfriend Blazer. Casual Style For The Spring

Good Morning Spring Florals

Chanel No 5 Bowtie Mesh Bootie

Mr Louboutin, What Time Is It

The Season's Biggest Trend- Teal Blue Skinny Jeans

Audrey and Chanel were Good Friends

Leather & Lace

Waiting at the Bus Stop

Ruffles aren't ONLY For Ballerinas. Everyday, Casual and Chic OOTD

Maxi Dress By The Beach With Geometric Accessories- Style At It FInest

Teal For The Season. Jade and Silver Jewelry.

Kiss and Make Up

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  1. I love your videos/blog posts. Could you please check out my blog ( it would mean SO much to me! I'm trying to get into the beauty community. Makeup is my obsession/passion.