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Friday, March 9, 2012

Pantothen Review - Herbal Acne Supplements

Here's what I read from their site: "Pantothen works by attacking the problem of acne at the source. It's not really that complicated. In fact, it's a sensible, natural process.

But first, it's important to know what causes acne: Your skin needs to have a certain amount of oil in it to remain healthy. But, sometimes your body can produce too much oil. Acne is the result of too much oil in your skin.

When that happens, it builds up in your pores. This blocks your pores from performing their natural functions, which leads to infection; zits are a way to try to release the oil and return normal pore function.

There are two traditional acne treatments that work in two different ways. One is Isotretinoin, which shrinks the glands where the oil builds up, making it impossible for a zit to form. This would be a great thing - if the drug didn't often lead to depression and suicide.

The other are topical creams and ointments, which are topical antibiotics applied to the affected areas to kill the infection. Again, this can work, but will over-dry your skin. Plus, the human body can become resistant to antibiotics.

Coenzyme-A breaks down excess oil in your skin before it turns into acne. Unfortunately, the body only produces enough Coenzyme-A to deal with a normal amount of oil. When your body's oil production increases, there is usually not enough Coenzyme-A to deal with it before infection occurs.

Coenzyme-A is made of two distinct molecules - adenine triphosphate and pantothenic acid. The good news is that your body is filled with adenine triphosphate. So, as soon as you put more pantothenic acid into your body, it will bind with the adenine triphosphate and naturally create more Coenzyme-A. The additional Coenzyme-A then destroys the excess oils in your skin, making acne a thing of the past.

But, there's more. It's not enough simply to make your body create more Coenzyme-A; you need to direct the oils to Coenzyme-A to get them broken down. One way is to simply flood your body with high levels of pantothenic acid, but that can lead to stomach problems and bloating.

We found out that a better way is to send the oils down the body's natural pathway to Coenzyme-A. The body naturally uses L-Carnitine to move oils to Coenzyme-A glands. But, your body usually doesn't have enough L-Carnitine to deal with excess oil.

Therefore, our research team combined pantothenic acid with L-Carnitine to form "Pantothen'. They found that this newly formulated combination works very efficiently in breaking down oils in the skin and preventing acne from breaking out.



Here are a few photos I fund from their website:

Paantothen Bottle Of Acne Supliments

Pantothen Before and After - Does Pantothen Work?

Pantothen Before and After Photos Does It Work For You? 

I've been using it for quite a while, and Im pretty pleased with it. Whats nice is that it doesnt give me the nausea, or sun sensitivity that other antibiotics have done. Only dispute for me is that you ned to take 4-6 a day, although it wasnt that hard with water :)

If you've treid it, what were your thoughts?


  1. I take cod liver oil one a day capsules. I can see and feel its effects on my skin! :)

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  2. Hey love your vids cass, can you do a review on the garnier bb cream. its only 11 bucks at my cvs pharmacy!!!! Thanks

  3. I had all over body acne and acne on my face after going off the pill which I believe was controlling oil production. I turned to alternative medicine methods. Many people consider the Ionic Foot Detox a hoax, but it actually worked for me. My skin is very clear. I still have a few break outs now and then on my face, but nothing like before. It took a year of treatments, but my skin is 100 times better now.

  4. Hello, my name is Lívia and I'm brazilian, where they beginning to sold Pantothen. While I was searching on internet people who used this minerals, I found your video. First, a thought was rude put a model to sell drugs for acne. I thought “well, this fast-speaking girl never ever had problems with acne, she has a perfect skin with perfect pores and perfect eyes. It’s almost cruelty put this girl to talk about acne ‘cause it’s just to let us, poor sad girls who has this problem, with the will of have perfect skin”. Then I started to wonder why in your blog you would put a commercial about something. Or, if wasn’t a commercial, why do you take medicines for acne if you don’t have. When the youtube video finished and appeared another video with your tutorial about make up, I almost couldn’t believe. I watched, went to bed thinking and in the morning I showed the video to my father!! “Dad, do you believe this young woman had acne? Keep watching!”
    I pass the entire day thinking about you, I watched other videos, quoted the price of the products you use, and if it’s sold in Brazil. My heart was filled with shame and, at the same time, hope. I started to have cystic acne at 13. And still have some (but not cystic!). I’m telling all that cause I admit that I’ve turned myself a little bit accommodated with all this history. It’s like “some people are tall, some are short, I’ve acne and there’s nothing I could do.” Ok, I try to end my acne, but I never tried really to be beautiful with that. It’s very sad to say that, but I get used to it, to the sensation that I’m ugly, I’ve acne, I’ve a lot scars. When you appear in the video all beautiful and confident, masking so well, so prettily, I found myself lazy.
    So, that my testimonial. I think you’re beautiful, wonderful, with or without acne, very brave and amazing. Your videos are inspiring! Congratulations! You know, if art is the way of do things which changes the way with we see the world, which changes the way we see the things we see every day, you are a truly artist. Once again, congratulations! I wish you a lot of joy, love and beauty to your life!

  5. Hi Cass, so what herbal supplement would you recommend giving a try for people with hormonal acne? I researched Acnease after you talked about it in one of your recent videos. I want to try it, but it's so expensive compared to my current regimen of birth control, clindamycin lotion and tretinoin gel, which is currently covered by my insurance. Are you still taking Acnease? Do you really like it?

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  8. This product is fake...they take your money and product is not delivered...It happened with me..I called their customer care number and there also a guy talked rudely with me and disconnected the call...I have wasted my 90$ in it. Pleas guys do not buy their product.

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