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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Little (White, Coral, Blue) Dress

The 'Little White Dress' is completely taking over the black one this season, and even color is doing its job!

Here are three of my personal favorites that I've seen on that still look amazing (at 3 different price-points as well) What are your faves?

(Click The Text Below The Image For Details/Where To Find)

Oscar De La Renta White Cotton/Silk Dress

Lace-Up Shoulder Dress In Coral By Cache

Sugar And Spice Little Blue Cutout Shoulder Dress


  1. The blue one is my favourite. And I love white when I'm tanned. (At the moment I'm as pale as a ghost.) ;)
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  2. Looking awesome. Perfect color and standard choice. I have checked out all of them are really beautiful and trustworthy. The dress, bag and shoes are looking amazing. I think everybody will prefer it.....

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