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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Everything You Need For Valentines Day! Makeup+Hair+Gifts+Style!

Hello Lovelies! I recently helped out a blogger with one of her posts, and I wanted to share all the goodies here as well!!!
Feel free to check out her blog by CLICKING HERE!!!

If we haven't met yet, then please let me introduce myself. I'm Cassandra Bankson, otherwise known as Diamondsandheels14, and I'd love to be your valentine (or one of) this Feb! I'm absolutely honored to be back here on Beauty Smarties Blog, and hope you find this post helpful!

As I'm sure you all know, Valentines day is Feb 14th….Yes,  just around the corner! Weather or not you have a sweetheart, I wanted to make sure each and every one of you is prepared for the Holiday. Perhaps you have a Husband or Boyfriend. Perhaps you have a Crush or Sweetheart. Perhaps you don't have or don't mind- and just want to look and feel fabulous for yourself. Either way, I wanted to prepare each and every one of you with my tips and tricks for Hair, Makeup, and Outfits, and even a gift guide so that the holiday is hassle free, and full of love!

Concerning makeup, there are so many different ideas and decisions that I'm sure are floating around your mind! If you wanted to go 'all-out', bright reds, pinks, purples and glitter are the way to go! If however you're looking to embrace the holiday and still look gorgeous, it's all about a naturally drop-dead-gorgeous look, that incorporates just a subtle touch of the festive colors. I chose purple, (pinks and reds can make eyes look irritated if you're not careful) and combined it with a gorgeous array of neutral tones to bring out your best. Flirty, natural flushes of pink on the rest of the face make this look jaw-dropping, and best of all- it's easy!

Here's How:

Almost, if not as important as the makeup is hair. I wanted to put something together for short, medium and long hair, regardless of weather its curly, straight, wavy, or in-between. If your hair drops anywhere below your shoulders, this will work great for you. Curls are darling and flirty, and I wanted to add a twist! These curls aren't your run-of-the-mill; they are just as easy, but with a little bit of hand work it takes them from cute to stunning! Even if its not Valentines day and your looking for that extra oomph to switch it up, be sure to try these curls with a twist.

Here's How:

If you're anything like me, you have the hardest time picking out the perfect outfit. This can be especially difficult on a holiday- even more so if you're trying to impress! This year, I'm coming prepared- and wanted to make sure you are too! Weather you are looking for something casual, work appropriate, date night flirty, dashingly formal, or anything in-between, it's my mission to keep you covered! These are my ideas for looking fab in Red, but feel free to switch any red piece with a Purple or a Pink depending on what you have. 

Here's my outfit inspiration guide for you to look your absolute this best this V-day!

Gift shopping can always be a challenge, but I wanted to give you 5 of my ideas that are under 20$, and hopefully out of the box. So many women these days will get generic gifts- hopefully these are some you haven't though of that will be just right!

Whatever your plans are this holiday, I sincerely hope you have an amazing one, and look fabulous wherever you go! Be sure to take the time to practice these looks before the big day (practice makes perfect!) and check back on BeautySmartiesBlog for more amazing beauty posts. For more beauty and fashion related videos, don't forget to stop by Diamondsandheels14,  and for all the latest updates, be sure to follow BeautySmartiesBlog  and Sincerelycass11 On Twitter!

Have fun, Look great, and be safe- I look forward to seeing you all on Youtube  and right back here on BeautieSmartiesBlog in March!


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