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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today has been so amazing!

Today has been unbelievable! I was so honored to have a skype interview with RightThisMunite, UK's DailyMail was so sweet to write such a kind article on my acne to help others cover it, and my boyfriend was SO SWEET- we spent the entire evening together, coffee and dinner! Im happy to be home tho- I need to be up earllyyy this morning! Kittys back with me... i thought id share some photos for those who have been asking :)

Heyyyy Handsome!


  1. Hi, I saw the article in the daily mail, and so i had to check the video out... I think you are truly amazing!!! I stress about my skin soo much and i think you are soo brave to do what you have done.. you should be soo proud of yourself as not only have you helped me but millions of others!! I will be definitley testing out all your tips.. Just wanted to say thank you soo much and ill be back to watch more videos! take care xxx

  2. I saw your video on the Daily Mail and just wanted to say that I think you would make a fantastic presenter, so much personality and really good on camera! I hope more people tune in!