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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Makeup For Your Age: Work

Many people ask me whats right for school, work etc, and whats right for their age. I'm creating three posts, for middle school, high school, college work, and mature skin to help each and every one of you out, no metter what your demographic!

Business Professional, Secretary or Assistant:
If you're the put together and professional daily type, be sure to wear makeup that accents you features! Bring out the natural color of your eyes, and stick to neutrals unless todays the day you want to make a statement. Avoid overdoing any part of your face- try to look natural, and dont forget to shape your brows and apply mascara! Dont go overboard on foundation, but cover any problem areas with light concealer and perhaps powder. A very light coverage and dewy foundation would be maybelline's Fit Me. You may want to look into it!

Retail/Customer Service/Cashier

If you're in retail, be sure to let your creativity show and have some fun! You can go gorgeous and natural, but why not try a fun winged liner, pop of bright color, or pouty lip every now and then? Vary everything up a bit and try utilizing your favorites the way nobody else does!

Teacher/Working With Kids/Nurses/Mommy!!!!

If your working with kids you probably dont have a ton of time for makeup, and even if you did kids may wipe it off, you may sweat it off, cherieos might get caught in your eyelashes the possibilities are endless! I'd recommend something quick and simple for you, back to the basics, with a fun pop of color every now and then to match what you've got on. Be sure that its children appropriate, and that there wont be an issue sporting it throughout the entire day!

If youre working in a restaurant, they probably expect you to wear black, white, or both. For this line of work, its best to play up what you've got subtly, enhancing your natural beauty without too much drama. Try sticking with neutral colors, but feel free to play wiht shapes, like a kitten winged liner. If you NEED color, try just a op of liner, or a brighter color gloss over a nude lip!

If you're working as an Accountant it's best to stay professional as well. Accentuate your features, and dont be afraid of color or craze, just dont go overboard! keep it classy, and remember one thing at a time, focusing on neutrals with maybe a bit of extras!

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