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Monday, October 17, 2011

Makeup For Your Age: High School

Many people ask me whats right for school, work etc, and wahts right for their age. I'm creating three posts, for middle school, high school, college work, and mature skin to help each and every one of you out, no metter what your demographic!

For those Froshies in the 9th, be sure to use your tips from middle-school and build on! At this time, it may be fun to play around with some eye liner, just please use caution! Try just your upper wetline, or a bit of liquid liner. You may also want to add concealer under eyes or under your natural foundation, and perhaps just a light touch of blush.

As Sophmore year rolls around, you should again take your Frosh year look and vamp it up. Adding a little bit of color here could be fun, and you may want to try a really dewy sheer foundation if your skin is getting those stress-related pustuals! You should use your regular neutral eyeshadows, but maybe use a pop of colored liner, or a brighter color, ONLY on your lid. use neutrals everywhere else, but use som sparkle and shine on the lid, never outide of the crease!

Junior Year and ehre it is! For junior year, you could probably start adding in more colors, to match what your wearing and really oen up your face. You may need concealer under your foundation, and can experiment with varied blushes. You could try some winged eyeliner at this time, and maybe even a lipstick color close to your natural.

As a Senior, you can do just about what you like. here you should experiment with contouring and highlighting, and really get fun and creative with whatever else you are feeling! Be sure to practice practice practice, and have fun :) I was teased in school (video below) for the colors, but i rocked what I wanted to! I encourage you to be yourself and do the same!

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