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Monday, October 17, 2011

Makeup For Your Age: College

Many people ask me whats right for school, work etc, and wahts right for their age. I'm creating three posts, for middle school, high school, college work, and mature skin to help each and every one of you out, no metter what your demographic!

College really depends on the time you have, because as a college student you should be pretty familiar with every kind of basic makeup product out there! Its time to mix and match, and use what works for your busy study schedule!

If you are involved with a schdule that leaves you no time in the morning, I'd say slap on minimal! If you can get away with nothing go for it, but if not, be sure to shape your brows (you dont even need to fill tehm in!) and apply mascara, both open up your eyes! Perhaps some light light light face makeup, and a touch of gloss.

here are min barely there and 5 min makeup tutorials that I think would help!

If you're lucky and get to wake at a semi decent hour, you will probably have a bit more time to get up and ready! You can do neutral eye shadow, but be sure to add something thats personal to you- a trademark bright lid color, winged eyeliner, pop of color eyeliner, lip flush, just dont overdo anything!

If you are in class around lunchtime, you can prettymuch do what your heart desires! be sure to use your trademark looks, and something that not too overdone, just casual and fun, perhaps even a Celebrity Inspired Look!

If you are goin out for the night, be sure to use what you can, and live a bit on the edge! Its night, so you can get away with MUCH more (almost anything goes!), and really excersize creativity here!

If you do have bad acne (like I do) you may want to try a full coverage foundation for special events, and then use a good-skin-care-routine for all other days, with minimal face makeup. Try to fix it, dont let it get worse!

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