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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Favorite Indian Foods :)

So today on TWITTER ( I posted about eating barfi with my Punjabijatt. Previously, I posted about chai, bindi, etc.

I get SO MANY QUESTIONS asking about what they are, etc etc so TODAY im sharing with you some of my FAVORITE indian food out there!!!!

My punjabi Honey Bunny introduced me to indian food (primairly) and ever since I've been obsessed! I AM going DAIRY FREE FOR ACNE To see if i can clear up my skin, so some of the recipies (LIEK CHAI) may be a bit different! Here are the videos, and then the foods!

CHAI! Chai is amazing!!!! I usually make it by boiling 1/4 cup water, adding "chai tea" or another good spicy tea, and then adding 1 cup whole milk ( NOW cocanut milk, or almond milk), letting it boil and adding sweetener. MMMMM!!!!

I LOVE BHIBNDI! Binda is otherwise known as Orca, or ladyfingers. i dont like it in a curry sauce, just the bhindi, with some onions, tomatos, oil, and SPICES! mmm :)

Saag and Paluk Paneer are other things I cant get enough of! Saag is a spicy spinach, mustard leaf, and garbanzo bean dish, while paluk paneer is a spicy spinach and cheese!!! MMMM!!!

I love Mutter Paneer! It's a pea and cheese dish, thats very tasty in a curry sauce! Not to mention its PEFFRCCCT  for the season!

Ahhh now for the meat!!!

I LOVELVOELVOELVOEVLEOEVEEE goat curry! there are some at resturants that are not too good, but when it comes to eating the homecooked stuff there is no beating it!!!

I personally believe that chicken tikka masala is just as god! Its tender chicken in a spicy tomato curry!

Tandori chicken is AMAZING as well! I hav no idea how they do it!!! chicken, spices, a tandori oven? Either way its DELISH!!

Chicken kebabs! Whats better than delicious meat and veggies seasoned on a stick?!!?

Ahhhhh!!! last but not least is roti! its SO UNHEALTHY but so good! i liek the whole wheat thin ones :) they are flat pieces of bread, like a tortilla only more puffy with air in the middle, and you use them instead of a fork/spoon.  I LOOOVEE FINGERFOOD!! Additionally, you can eat with onions on the side. I love ontions too :)

My Favorite Indian deserts are Barfi and Luddu!!!! Luddu is AMAZING with chai! Its little balls rolled into one big ball of sweet dough with ALMONDS1 i looove almonds :)Barfi is so hard to describe! its flour and sugar, but melts in your mouth and is creamy! Its delsih either way :)

i hope yall enjoyed this post!!! Have you ever had indian food? What here looks the best? Have you had these before? Hate em or love em??
what are your favorite indian dishes?!?!


  1. AHHHH!! K so I just posted on your video asking if your guy was Indian, I got my answer :P haha so crazy! I love it. My man is Indian too, I have this post of pics of him :P

  2. Hey Love! Haha thank you :) Yes, he's full-blood punjabi! Where's your jaan from? And do you eat indian food, or have a favorite? So cute to see another gori and her billo! Haha thank you for the comment, love and of course support!

    Xoxo Cassandra :)

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