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Monday, October 17, 2011

Health Post! Exercise + Update

AGES ago I posted an exercise video, asking you if you were interested in workout tips, daily updates, exercise routines etc etc! Alot of people posted comments that they were interested but I never really posted. As most of you know, Im going dairy free now too! I have a few grocery hauls and nutrition vids, but people have still been requesting blog posts, so i think il do it it will also keep me on top of the dairy free-ness :)

Im thinking of daily updating what kind of exercise was done, what I ate/drank, and even weekly challenges!

For instance, you challenge me to do something and show yall how :)
There would also be dairy free recipes, cute exercise ootd's exercise tips and tricks, cardio vs strength vs stretching etc, different workouts that dont feel like workouts etc.

Let em know what yall think! Videos linked below :)


  1. I've had acne issues for 16 years...about a year ago, i stopped drinking skim milk and it has had the single biggest effect on my skin of any 'treatment' I've ever tried. Within 2 weeks my skin was less oily, I had significantly fewer new spots and I completely stopped getting those big, painful, deep pimples. I still eat cheese regularly, but I definitely have breakouts if I have an excess... Try dairy-free for a month!! Hope it works as well for you as it has for me!