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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Correlation Between Dairy And Acne? Milk and Acne? Cheese and Acne?

I posted this video to experiment' and test out any correlation with ance, you're free to do it with me!!

I got a comment and a message from "beautysbiggestfan" on youtube, and thought I would share! She sent it to me from Dr. Jessica Wu's Book and I found it very interesting! I hope it helps and interests you too!:

From Beautysbiggestfan:
"he link between food and acne by Dermatologist Jessica Wu
Hi Cassandra! I am currently reading a book called read your face written by dermatologist Jessica Wu and i copied down this section from her book about the relationship between acne and milk and i thought you would find it intresting. Hope you enjoy!
Milk is full of cow hormones. Cows milk (even organic) contains its own hormones (including androgens) and growth factors (including bovine IGF-1), both of which survive pasteurization and homogenization. That means everytime you drink a glass of milk or eat dairy products, the cows hormones are absorbed by your body and remain active in the bloodstream so they can affect ur skin (and acne) in much the same way as human hormones.
Milk can affect human hormone production. Even though milk is low on the glycemic index dairy products have been shown to elevate insulin to the relationship between the glycemic index and insulin productions. In a study done by a group of Swedish researchers, people who drank a glass of milk (7 ounces) had an associated insulin response that was three times higher than normal (spikes in insulin levels has been known to cause acne). Milk also triggers your body to produce IGF-1 just like high glycemic foods (high glycemic foods have been also known to cause an increase acne).

The author also went into how whey protein causes an increase in acne (whey protein comes from the whey of cows milk). Whey protein is found in things like milk, cereal, protein shakes and bars, etc. I personally found that whey protein caused an increase in my acne because once i stopped drinking protein shakes, my acne got a lot better.

I'm pretty sure you covered most of this in your video about it but there are some things you didnt mention that i thought you would find helpful!"


  1. Cassandra
    Send me an active real email address and I'll send you the PDFs of several papers to back up your beliefs.
    Dr. Danby. Dermatologist.
    P.S. I'd love to have you beside me in my office counseling my teen acne patients - I love your enthusiasm. I'm now an OWG (old white guy) and it's hard to get the teens to listen.

  2. Thanks for such informative blog, it really prove worthwhile for my Dermatologist business. It know how your skin evolves through your lifetime, what it needs to keep it healthy and nourished and the difference between medical skin problems and cosmetic skin problems.

  3. Cassandra you are so funny! haha
    You talk realy fast.. and english is my second language, I'm from Brazil! But I understand basically everything!

    My problem with acne began about 4 months ago. I always had a one pimple here.. another there, nothing serious ...
    But the problem was getting increasingly serious!
    Today is the first day that I'm cutting derivatives (diary? I don't know hou to call that in english, but I know that are things from the Cow, like milk.. and other things like cheese..)
    .. Gotta see if the problem will get better!
    Are you still with this diet?
    The video is kinda old, is almost a year since you made ​​this video, your skin is better now?

    Here in Brazil, in severe cases of acne like yours, people resort to a remedy called "Roaccutan" .. it's very strong, you can search on the Internet (see the efects.. etc), but the effects are long lasting!

    I posted on my blog one of the first videos I saw from you, since you know.. I have an acne problem now.. I'm doing a lot of research, and the mosts popular videos about acne on youtube belongs to you! :)

    Well.. that's it!
    Sorry to bother you about that.. but I'ts just so good to have someone to talk about.. someone who knows what I'm going through!

    See ya.. xx
    Hayane Brito - Brasília-Brasil

    oh.. my blog is:

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