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Monday, August 8, 2011

How To Whiten Teeth and Fix Bad Breath! (Talk'n Tuesdays)


  1. Hi Cassandra !

    I just wanted to drop you some lines as I found your blog ! I think you're beautiful, with or without make-up. I have acne too (since like 5 years) and it's going better now. But a lot of scars left on my face... Damn it. I hope I can find the solution to heal my skin. Anyway I find your videos really helpful - and they're also helping me to improve my listening skills so thank you so much ! After I had watched your acne video I found you were firstly really brave, and so nice to share your story with others. I also wish one day a cure for acne and other skin problems could be found ! Hope you the best,

    Cécile from France

  2. Bad breath halitosis is a chronic condition that can have many causes, and is often persistent. While it generally manifests as bad breath, it doesn't always originate in the same place, nor can each case be cured the same way. The tongue is host to huge quantities of natural bacteria, and although they serve an important function, they produce a large amount of fatty acids and poor smelling chemical by-products, which eventually lead to bad breath halitosis. Click here to know more about Gum disease