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Thursday, August 4, 2011

BLOG EXCLUSIVE!! Questions and Answers:)

* Well, her name is Cassandra, but I'm sorry if I'm being rude, how old are you?
* Because diamonds and heels?
* You're right model? At what age did you start your career? Have you had any incentive?
* You do college right? What profession do you intend to follow? Same model?
* You always put videos tutorials makes you always liked to dress up?
* We all have days of total boredom: S When you're bored, what they like to do?
* Do you have any hobbies? What?
* Well, that video where you show your acne, spilled enough? When you decided to record the video, which came into his head?
* You also recorded another video saying that he had begun to treat: D About the beginning of treatment, you encouraged someone willingly or was it? Long ago you suffered with this problem?
* Speaking of fashion, you consider yourself a girl "fashion"? If yes, how do you define your style? Inspiration comes from somewhere?
* A trend that will forever be eternal for you? : P
* Almost every girl likes to glaze you like? What are your favorites?
* If you could make three wishes, what would?
* Favorite song?
* Favorite movie?
* Favorite book?
* Favorite food?
* Want to leave a message to viewers or to your contacts?

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  1. Hi...
    I love your videos tutorials... So gorgeous!

    xx xx

  2. Thanks for answering those questions! I loved to know you better! You're amazing!