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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Your Guide To Being Ultra Fabulous - The Balance Between High Standards and Staying Spontaneous!

Prissy vs High Standards, a fine line separates the two, and it's definitely one you don't want to cross!!
This is your guide to being Ultra Fabulous- Respecting and honoring yourself with out annoying and disturbing others!

This guide/list is basically steps you can take to be and feel your best!

Maintain Your Preferences: Only drink water the way you prefer it! Like it with ice? Room temp? Warm? Ensure it's always an enjoyable temperature for you :)
A big prissy nono: Don't demand certain brands on bottled water. Most of the time it's the same as the tap, and if you must have it, go for it! Just dont demand it and make a scene.

Maintain Your High Maintenance Sanitary Standards: If you have the option of something else, avoid the older leftovers! Unless its your favorite, treat yourself with nutritious fresh food.
A Big Prissy Nono: Don't decline a meal just because it's re-heated!

Indulge in Your High Maintenance Hairstyle: Get Regular Treatments to ensure your locks are luscious!
A big Prissy Nono: Don't go weekly to the most expensive salon in town and boast about it. Keep your go-to Salon to yourself, unless asked.

Maintain Your Face with Acne/WrinkleSkin Treatments: Get regular (weekly?) masks/facials/treatments to ensure your skin is at its best! The drugstore has some great effective alternatives too!
Prissy nono: Don't demand to go to the salon EVERY TIME for every treatment and bost about it. If someone wants to know where you go, they will ask.

Mani/Pedi Maintenance: You deserve to always have the cutest freshest looks! Go for it, and change it up as you like:)
A big prissy nono: No matter where at or how often or who does your nails, please dont brag!

High Maintenance is sanitary! Wax/Shave regularly.
Prissy nono: Your body hair is your ordeal. Keep the details to yourself!

Sanitary Precautions: Launder your clothes regularly so you dont smell!
Prissy Nono: Don't complain  how ALL of your high end clothes are DRY CLEAN ONLY. Because they're probably not, and even if they are it makes you sound very stuck up. You think dry clean is much worse than normal loads?

Clean living space: Your room is your fortress! Keep it in tip top cleanly shape :)
Big Prissy nono: Dont complain behind a maids back that she cleans your room wrong. If you dont like it, do it yourself!

Be picky about your food! Only order/grab whats good tasting and good for you. Why settle for less?
Big prissy nono: Don't criticize others about what they eat! They're eating it because they want to, and just because you dont doesnt mean they shouldn't.

Be "Too Good" For it! Whatever it is! Food you don't like? Spending too much time with a person you can't really stand? That guy who keeps trying to get at you when you aren't interested/have a boyfriend/husband? Let yourself know you have other priorities, and use the time to get stuff done for yourself instead of doing something you shouldn't or dont want to do!
Prissy nono: Don't vocalize that you're "too good" for something. Think it, but never say it aloud!

Men and boys. Make it clear you have standards! Don't spend your time talking to random men when you have a boyfriend/husband or if you aren't interested. If you are single, set your standards and don't waste time with a man who's not right for you!
Big nono: Never be rude to a man unless he disrespects you in some way. Kindly let the ones you aren't interested in, or if you are dating/married, let everyone else know that you're not available or interested in a kind way! Always be humble!

Demand what you want politely! You want something? Be vocal about it! Is it FREEZING in the house? Kindly ask someone to turn up the heat! Are you STARVING? Don't be quiet, tell someone you need food! Make sure your needs and necessities are met by asking nicely!
Big prissy nono: NEVER demand someone else do something for you. Ask politely, but never demand! Treat people as equals, and never speak to someone as if they are below you! Always be kind!

Never be hungry! Why should you? Keeping full and eating small meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism up too!
Prissy nono: Never brag that you're doing something great for your body! Tell people about what you've decided to do, but dont brag! If someone else is hungry and you're not, still go with them even if you dont eat anything, be kind and supportive!

Eat Healthy/Organic! Whatever it is you decide to eat, eat whats right for you! Think in your mind : "whats the best thing I can do for my body right now?" Go for the salad instead of the burger and you'll be such a healthier person!
Nono: Don't brag to people you're "sooo healthy" because even if you are, its rude to say, and you never know who eats healthier than you and just keeps their mouths shut!

Avoid Grungework. Get a respectful job! Yes, you could work as a cashier at a gas station or a shelf stocker at safeway, but why not set higher standards for yourself and enroll in medical school; get a secretary job in a medical office!
A prissy thing to avoid would be refusing to work. If you are in need of money, set high standars, but if a gas station or Safeway is your only option then take it!

Have weekly Hobbies/Activities. Running, Horseback Riding, Biking, Dance, Tennis... even gardening collecting or artwork!! Hobbies keep your brain young and YOU happy! They are a definite must :)
A prissy mistake would be to neglect your chores or friends for a hobby. Include the people you love INTO your hobby! Don't ever neglect the ones you love :)

Are you eating out? Be Pciky!!!! Why on earth would you go for fast food when you could sit down at a small bistro or delicatessen and order something better for the same 5-6$? Always order custom too, why should you have the "club sandwich" you want with the bacon you dont want? Dont be afraid to speak up about modifications to your order!
A big prissy nono would be t throw a fit. Seriously, shut up or starve.

Going on vacation? Make it worth it! Avoid motel rooms and unsanitary places. Isn't it better to use the woods as a restroom rather than an outhouse where you might contract hepatitis?
Prissy nono: If your going with others and thats what their doing, kindly voice your opinion but deal with it! Nobody likes vacationing with a grump.

Stomach in! Everyone wants to be thin right? Having good posture and keeping your stomach in helps body flow more freely, and helps you appear a shape you desire.
Big prissy nono: Don't super suck it in when people are talking about their weight. It's obvious you're doing it and just makes you look insecure.

Keep maintained! Tweeze your brows! Do your nails! Wax your pits! Sower daily! You deserve to look and feel clean and beautiful!!
Prissy nono: Dont brag about your 150$ /Haircut and 90$ Manipedi. You it looks like it was only worth 50$ and you look stupid and snobby for bragging aout overpaying.

Eat 1/2 your plate. Seriously, portion control! Why should you eat an entire plate when 1/2 will fill you up? You will keep your figure, break a mental addition to food and feel better throughout the day.
Big prissy nono: Don't complain about being to full, bad food etc. If youre done sit quietly! Everyone else may want to eat their FULL plate in peace, and you should respect that!

Whiten your teeth! Baking soda, over the counter white strips, anything! Smiles are so important, and you should flaunt yours to look friendly and optimistic!
Big prissy nono: Telling everyone at the table about your lazer teeth whitening. Even if you decide to do it, keep it to yourself unless someone asks!

Avoid seconds, please! It may be tempting, but are you really, really hungry? Also, do you really want food that was picked through by everyone else? I'm sure your first serving was enough. If your still hungry in 30 mins then eat more.
Big prissy nono: Dont scrutinize everyone else for eating seconds. Sit quiet. If they want 2nds, 3ds or 4ths, let them! Heck why should you care?

Be busy! Don't always be available, because many people will be able to take advantage of that! Have a sport, group, or hobby you're involved in and dont jump through hoops all the time for everyone. Once in a while ok, but dont set yourself up to be stepped on.
Nono would be having NO TIME for anyone! Make sure you keep the people you love close to you!

Avoid fast food. Seriously you're worth more than that, and for the same basic price you can get something nice, healthy and custom from the deli.

Avoid people who bring you down! Someone who you're embarrassed to be seen with? Don't associate if its more headaches than joy! Always be busy and stay with people who you're proud and happy to be with.
Prissy nono: Dont say straight up to the person that they're not worth your time. If you really dont want them in your life, be busy, unavailable, and gently let things slip to avoid any hard feelings.

Have fun being fabulous!!! Kisses!! :)

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