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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where oh where has my little dog gone, oh where oh where can he be??

Well I'm not exactly a male dog, but close enough!!! And I need to throw out some good jokes to make up for neglecting my youtube channel for so long!! If you saw the "Update/I Miss You" Video on youtube, you might be aware I mentioned posting a photo timeline on my blog... as promised here it is!!

 This is basically some photos from the last how long documenting life, events etc.. I'll probably post it on the "callhercass" youtube channel as well. Callhercass is a channel set up for anything crazy, insane, funny or interesting, sharing life's happenings and other info besides beauty and makeup :)

You can view the second channel by clicking HERE, and be sure to subscribe so you recive updates! :)
You can view the Update video here:

And here are some photos and explanations of what's been going on! :)

Hosted Be that Kids Choice Awards: Click To see the video on the outfit/etc:)


It's Rocking 2011 New Years Bash Featuring Bollywood Actor/Actress Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan. Check out some of their movies on Netflix or the trailers on youtube! :)
Movie Trailer 99
Tum Mile Trailer
Khoya Khoya Chand Trailer
Mumbai Meri Jaan Trailer
Tera Keya Hoga Johnny Trailer

For the makeup worn in these pictures click HERE
For the nail tutorial in these pictures, click HERE.

Working (and quitting) at the tv station.

An old photo of me and my Grandpa Joe (And Grandma Jean, Rest In Peace)

Farouk Hairshow Chi/Biosilk with Celebrity Hairstylist David Chandler and Miss America MakeupArtist Abel Salazr.

Thanks to netflix I watch awesome movies all day long now... lol

Los Angeles Baabyy!! :)

Cover Model Shoot/Mag

Hiking :) Yeah thats what I do when its not 091384093284 degrees hot lol. Its only about an hour hike too, not nearly as bad as it looks!

Ughh I dont really know Random blast from the past kids stuff :) basically my old hobbies.. I'd like to get into them again!

Vacation with the family to the cabin :) ... and theres my little brothers butt in one of the photos of the cabin loft lol!

Some Modeling Pics :)

Fashion Show

and the best for last: The man of my dreams!!! :D

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