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Saturday, July 30, 2011

VOTE!!! What Tutorail Do You Want Next? Bollywwod Edition! :D

First off, Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted on the last video!! I am so happy you had fun, and the how-to-do-it tutorial will be up very son; Thanks to everyone for participating!

The next voting video is going to be a bit different and I'm excited! As many of you know I am dating a Punjabi, who happens to be the man of my dreams :) I am obsessed and overwhelmed by the amazing culture, and love embracing it and learning more about it!

The next voting session will be on some of my favorite "bollywood inspired" Looks, and I want to know which ones you want! This voting will go on for about a month, so be sure to vote and if you know someone else who might be interested get their opinion too! :) Here are some of my favorite clips, and I want to know which ones you want to see!

What's different between this and the last? This will be a full blown tutorial, from makeup to hair to clothing! The last was just makeup... Hope everyone's ready! :D

The first is from one of my favorite hindi movies, Tees Maar Khan!! Here is a video clip from the movie :) (The Actress's name is Katrina Kaif just incase anyone was wondering!)

Second is actually form a music video! I don't know her exact ethnicity, however she seems somewhat Indian to me, and I think she is gorgeous! This is Akcent's Romanian inspired Song, "Love Stoned". (You may need to watch or skip part way through the video to see the girl)

Next clip is from an amazing action and romance Hindi movie, Jodhaa Akbar. I'ts about an arranged marriage in which love blossoms and unites two countries together. The actress is none other than Miss Universe, Ashwai Rai, along with male Actor Hrithik Roshan, who's movies I'm predisposed to liking because I think he somehwat resembles my boyfriend haha :) (Theres pictures in this one too!)

This one is also a beautiful Hindi Movie. Before Hindustan was separated into Pakistan and India (Perhaps you want to brush up on your history? I DID! haha) a boy fell in love with a girl, and during the war he saved her life, and preceded to marry her, which was completely absurd in the eyes of the public at the time. I'll be honest, I hated the movie at first because the beginning was slow and there wern't any subtitles... it's an amazing film tho, and I'm so glad I continued watching! The Actresses name is Amisha Patel, and the movie is called Gadar. Here are some screnshots!

Next is one of my favorites, a Comedy, action Thriller Horror: Om Shanti Om. Not to mention she's gorgeous and talented!!!

Here is an AMAZING love story of two star crossed, bilingual lovers. A Spanish woman and Indian man. THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES!:)

Last but not least, FASHION. I'll be honest this movie was a shocker!

So tell me what you want, and dont forget to check out the honorable mentions!! :)


  1. Hey Cassandra! I wanted to tell you that I love your videos! you have really inspired me and taugh me alot. I am indian, but raised here. I am also muslim, i dont look indian though, i also wear a head covering. I have a little bit of acne, but I cover it up with Neutragena's skin clearing makeup , and sometimes mac. But i have really been interested in makeup forever since you use it, and it provides great coverage. I really want you to do bollywood makeup! Can you do the kind of makeup Priyanka chopra does? I reallly love her makeup. Thanks again for all you do!

  2. Also check out Akshay Kumar he's a Punjabi hotness. He's one of my favorite male actors. Love his movies. And of course SRK I'm looking forward to Don 2.