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Saturday, July 9, 2011

VIDEO SOON Whats Trending on the Runways? Your FASHION FORWARD Guide to FABULOUS FASHION! :) SS2011

Fashion is like a chameleon- always the same but always changing. Although the looks on the runway are very eclectic and a bit out-centric, there are so many ways to take bits and pieces of the runway fashion and incorporate them into your daily style.

Here's your Fashion Forward Guide to get the SS2011 runway looks into your daily style.

Here's what I've been noticing on the runways:
Stripes- Especially for spring/summer. Can we say Sailor/Nautical?
Patterns.- Everything from retro polka dots to bohemian prints and crazy textures.
Bold/Bright Colors- Neon Yellow, Electric Blues, Radiant purples, Flashy Greens- Huge chunks of big bold color have been strutting down the runway.
Pajama like Wear- Light, flowy, comfy and loose. Perfect for a snooze out in the backyard or a stroll downtown.
Patterns on Patterns. Mix and match the bold, bright and embellished with a simple monotone and understated.
Sweater dress-Spring is cold and spring is hot, so why not rock the warm sweater dress with bare legs? Its sexy and simple, and utterly sophisticated.
Slits and cuts- Up the leg, Down the back, Plunging on shirts- Slits and cuts that bear skin are in!
70's Madness-Crimped Hair, Butterfly Patterned Shirt and Bell Bottoms are grapevining and discoing their way back into closets of fashionistas around the world.
Crop and Rock the Top- Shirts that are cut or cropped at the waist are the new length.


Bright colors, textures, and patterns of course; but this season it's all about turning it into business chic.

Bright colors and Color Blocking

Prints on Prints are stil in!

Pajama Clothing

70's Comeback

Bright in White



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