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Friday, July 8, 2011

VID COMING SOON :) Look Slimmer In Swimwear- What's Right for your Body?

Tankinis, Bikinis, Monokinnis, Tied/Cut Onnies, One Pieces, V neck, Empire Neck, Plunge Neck, Ruffeled, Shirring/Tummy Control..................So many choices when it comes to swimwear, but what's right for your body??

Here's the Swimsuit 101, on both the suits and the coverup!!

Swimsuits for your body:

If you're small on top:

Go for something that has padding or underwire, or an adjustable halter to bust your bust. Brazilian styles are great for smaller girls, and can help accent you up top. Victorias secret also has some great push up tops.
Go for a bandeau top that wraps over with padding inside. The padding will help fll you out, and the wrap that grabs both parts of you will make you look bubbly and perky.
Ruffled tops add great bul, and help you appear larger.

If you're larger on top:

Halter tops and underwire can both add good support, with adjustable cleavage.
If you're looking to hide a bit more, go for something that has a thicker band around the underbust. It will help minimize the top and conceal any largeness.
Avoid strapless tops, and tiny string bikinis that provide hardly any support or coverage.

Short Body shape/Short Legs/ Short Torso:

Try on a swimsuit that matches your skin color- overall it makes your body look longer.
Get a suit that has a high cut on the thigh. This will accent your legs and make them look longer. If you have curvy hips, this will accent them giving you a fun flirty look.
Avoid suits that make horizontal cuts.
Avoid strapless suits as well.
Low back swimsuits will elongate the back and neck.
Vertical stripes will make you look longer.
A printed top bikini and solid bottom will draw eyes up and make you look longer.
A one piece with a long v neck will elongate your torso.
Avoid skirted bottoms or shorts, they draw eyes down and make you look shorter.

Long Body Shapes:

Use fun embellishments at the hip and bustline. This wil keep your elegance without making you look like a long beanod.
Horizontal stripes around the bust and hips will give you curves, so will fabrics like velour and velvet.
Bright colors will look fabulous- dont forget matching accessories and shoes!
Best go for a two piece, however the one piece cut out swimsuits will also look good and help break up any awkward elongations.
Boy shorts and ruffled skirts, and other cute patterned bottoms will help give you proportion.
Avoid dark colors and high necklines.

For No-Waist:

Create a waist with a high thigh cut.
A belted waistline will give you shape.
Bikinis and 2 pieces are perfect for your shape.
Avoid solid colors and horizontal stripes if you're interested in one pieces.

Too much Waist:

Try a tummy control pannel, spanks, or miraclesuit.
If you dont like onepieces, try tankinis that still hide and cover with the freedom of a bikini.
Draping around the waist helps conceal
Avoid solid colors.

Wide Shoulder:

Avoid V necks that will make you look too heavy on top and nothing on bottom.
Use bottoms that have lots of color and print, to help fill out the area. Solid color tops in a halter are usually best for the top.

Wide Bottom:

Solid bottoms and printed tops are super for your shape.
Try a 3 inch or thicker side pannel instead of string bottoms.
Play up the upside to minimize the downside, use jewelry and nice statement necklaces.
Try empire necklines or strapless.
Avoid shorts, skirts, and details at the hips.

How to SHOP for a SLENDERIZING swimsuit:
Anything runched, ruffled or shirred will cover unwanted bumps in the belly/bottom area.
Any suit with a V neckline will automatically elongate your body's shape and appearance.
Black slims you down in everyday fashions- it works in the water too!
Tankini tops that catch the wind can help hide unwanted bumps, aka lunch!
Swimsuits that match your skin tone will automatically make you look longer.
Push up bikini tops or swimsuit tops add to the bust, making your waist appear slimmer.
Skirt type or thick belted bikini bottoms that V below the skirt/belt make your thighs look slimmer.

Other DETAILS that make you LOOK SLIMMER:
Large hat, gives you shade and adds proportion to the body.
Tan skin- spraytan for safety! A darker glowing color makes you look more toned and chiseled.
Thong sandals show off the skin of your feet, and are great for elongating the leg.
A sarong tied around the waist can cover any bottom or thigh bumps, and adds bulk to the hips, making your waist look skinnier.

COVER UP! First things first, for ANY body type, sunglasses, trendy hats and sunscreen are the best way to cover from the UVa/UVB Rays of the sun! Shoes and handbags are always fun beach staples too :)

Apple Shaped Bodies- Try out a Sporty hoodie which ends at the thigh that shows off and draws attention to your legs.  A slight v neck draws eyes up to your decollate, bust and face, and showing it along with a bit of legs is just what you need. With some cute embellished sandals and a beach-bag it's a great coverup that accents your shape and covers any issue areas.

Plus Size/ Ultra Curvy Bodies- Use a flowy piece that will catch the wind. Something that doesn't cling, but creates a waistline- you can always add a fun belt! Try large prints and chunky bangle braclets... Show off those legs and make them look longer and slimmer with a nude color wedge heel, and accent those curves so you're beach ready!

Boy Shaped Bodies- Make use of a button down tee and tie it up in the middle, you can adjust your cleavage level and show some middrift without being overbearing. Pockets at the bust will also help perk you up. Accent your torso an bust, and use a short sarong, or a swimsuit belt along your bottoms, which will add extra bulk to the hips. Strut your way in some fun lovin shoes (or barefoot!) and you're ready for whatever the wat'ers got for you :)

The one piece can be sexy, full of mystery without showin it all.
The two piece can grab the goods and put them in the right places, while showing off your curves and skin.

What do you think? What's your body type, what are you going to try, and what do you prefer, one or two piece suits?

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