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Monday, July 18, 2011

MORE VDS SOON! Face Shape Series: How To Contour Faces Of All Shapes

Goooood Morning! Or Day! Or Evening, depending on where you are! :)
Today I'm posting a bit early, and although all the videos haven't been filmed/created yet, I wanted to get these out to you asap! I will be adding to the video list as they are finished, so keep checking back! :)


  1. How do you contour and highlight a long shaped face?

  2. my face is long and the coloring is not even. I'm 58 yrs, with age spots finally starting to show thru and old acne scars and large pores. I found powdered make up makes my face "crease" more and am wondering what the best liquid make up would be for me. I'm generally in the pale to lite beige tone alth I tan well in the summer. My cheek bones are high and I can usually contour well, however I'm kinda tired of trying out so many diff types of powedered foundations. Suggestions. (I also have a high forehead) I just found a new eyeliner pencil a couple of days ago at the drug store (Shoppers) and it goes on like a liquid but so much easier. I can finally make the thinner lines that I like. My eyelashes are really skimpy and blondish, so mascara is a must. I like Gosh and Illegal Lengths. (I combine them) For daily wear I like the brown tones on my eyes. My biggest hangup is the foundation and I would love to hear your suggestions.