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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Designer Spotlight Mai Lamore Luxury Shoes -

To luxury and beyond! the price is very inpractical but they're highly fahionable: each hand crafted pair will set you back between $10,000  - $60,000... Begs the question- The Rose Shoes or a new C-Class?

Mai Lamore is a shoe designer from Paris , who was born in africa and got her first inspiration there. Childhood stories told her of the Queen, her grandmother, who wore "Jewels on her shoes"- her inspiration had occurred, however until she attended a boarding school in france was she able to translate those artistic desires. She learned the ins and outs of craftsmanship, and after owning various fashion boutiques started her work on shoes. She has been creating these masterpieces for over 20 years. Her designs were thrust into the industry from New York to Japan-Just recently they've become an international fascination. Feel free to read her complete bio here :

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  1. sooo beautiful these shoes are the kind of heels u only see in ur dreams. works of art.xx