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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daily Topics? What do you guys think?

So many people have been requesting videos every day; and rest assured I will do my best to keep up with the demand. The hardest part is keeping everything organized! Through requests, ideas, responses etc etc it gets a bit confusing...

What do you guys think of "daily topics" for each day of the week?

Xsparkage(a well known youtube guru) does something similar- she does fierce fridays, tasty tuesdays etc etc. Basically, each day of the week has a different topic, and a different tutorial or video os posted.. I was brainstorming my most requested videos and came up with some stuff. What do you guys think?

Music Video Mondays - Taking a look from a requested music video and doing a tutorial on it.
Talki'n Tuesdays - Those videos where I speak about acne, answer questions, or basic info videos
Wearable Wedensdays - A neutral yet fun tutorial that can be worn on day-to-day basis
Fashion Forward Fridays - Your trending updates, how you can wear different fashion looks, outfit of the days etc.
Sultry Saturdays - Sexier, more dramatic makeup tutorials.

So what do you think? Should I try it out for a week or so? Im sure I can't stick to it 100%, however it might be good to try to do weekly. Post a comment here and let me know your thoughts.

XOXO Loves! <3



  1. I think this idea shows great organization and incredible respect for your followers. You are well-rounded and really amazing.

  2. love the idea!!! thx 4 everything!