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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Things Acne, And Be Sure To Stay Posted To The Youtube Channel for More Vids!

MY ACNE, Without Makeup:
My Acne Update:
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My Acne Skin Care Routine:
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How To Fix Acne Scaring:
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My Updated Easy Daily Foundation Routine:
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Stress Relief Techniques/Meditation for Acne:
Food/Diet for Acne Prevention and Reduction:
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My Experience with Water Fasting and How It Helped My Acne:

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For other Comical Videos in which I speak Way too Fast:
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This is my take/what I know about Accutane/Roaccutane/Isotretinoin. I hope this helps!

If you have taken accutane/roacutane or know someone who has, PLEASE post a video response! I and everyone else would greatly benefit from the information and hearing your side of the story!! It's easy, just sit down, film, and post! it would mean the world to other acne sufferers!!

Please keep in mind I am NOT a doctor and PLEASE consult with your medical/skin care professional before taking or not taking any medications! Remember everyone has a different experience!

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  1. You do speak WAY too Fast! LOL But if can understand, I'm fine with it. LOL

    I love your videos and tutorials, and you seem to be a fun person, I wish my nieces were as cool as you are (pls, take this as a compliment). Good luck on your acne battle, the progress of your skin is unbelievable.

  2. Even without make up you are a beautiful girl :)

  3. I just watched your video on really moving. i just felt to say you're a very beautiful girl, achne or not. I hope the ride through achne is as short as possible. And remember what makes you valuable, has nothing to do with skin. Its being who you are, and brave about it as you are. congratulations, for someone your age you are years ahead. very brave girl indeed.

  4. you are beautiful and brave! Kudos to you! Just a thought, if you have not tried- go completely dairy free- it has helped my son and daughter- they had serious skin issues, and removing all dairy products (lactose and casein containing products) from their diet- their skin is blemish free. took about 3 -4 weeks. It is difficult to maintain the diet at times, but they feel better inside and out. food sensitivities play such a huge role in our skin!

  5. It is likely your body is in full on rejection of what you are fueling it with. Unfortunately, in your case, this is manifesting itself in the form of bad acne. Poor food quality consumption always results in some acne because most of the foods that people eat today have dramatically negative effects on a variety of the hormones in their bodies. In your case it is probable that you can cure your acne in very short order.

    If you haven't already, you should research The Paleo Diet. Most people with bad acne that follow the diet (which prescribes delicious foods by the way) are acne free within a few months. In that same time frame your blood sugar, triglycerides and body fat composition will all improve dramatically.

    I know that you're probably reading this thinking you already eat a good diet. Just remember that acne didn't exist (in it's current, prevalent form) 100 years ago. If you are eating processed foods it is driving the unhealthy hormone activity in your body.

    Go Paleo for 2 months. Good luck.

  6. You really are a beauty, acne or not. I have a large birthmark (scarlet color) over the left side of my face and I think I can relate. I am wondering if you tried going on a raw food lifestyle, if you would find that the acne would subside a lot. Worth a try because a lot of other good things happen on that type of lifestyle.

  7. Do you take salmon oil?? I used to take salmon oil and my hair and nails were amazing!! But I had acne.... 45 years old with acne! Stopped taking the salmon oil and tah-dah.... acne all but!

  8. you're brave and beautiful. I love your sweet, honest and humble heart. You are amazing, simply amazing!

  9. Don't let anyone tell you any different my dear, you are beautiful with or without makeup! God bless you.

  10. Hi I had really bad acne diagnosed Rosacea. After one mounth drinking aloe vera gel (FOREVER) it was gone. Before I had tried everything and was on antibiotic for several times. The acne never come back and I am still drinking aloe vera.
    Best regards
    Inger from Sweden

  11. You are a very inspiring young lady. Thank you for sharing with us your bare, beautiful and sweet face. I don't wear make up at all, but I am so happy that you found a career doing something you love. Cheers and congratulations on finding the strength to face your fears!

  12. Just saw your video on wimp today. This is an incredible video that young girls in our culture desperately need to see. Not because they need to know how to do their make up but because it is important that they see that someone as beautiful as you struggles with the same thing that they are struggling with. You should be applauded for this. This is coming from a male in your age bracket. The character you are demonstrating is extraordinary.

  13. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in these times of changes, beauty is more and more in natural form, purity and health. you have open yourself to this path and congratulation for that, you will inspire many but, having this situation (not a problem) with your skin can be healed with absolute conscious behaviours,(the more you want to cover it, the further it might continue to happen for you.. by that i mean take ultra special care eating pure foods and mostly the most pure water you can find, this is a key element of global health, always always see yourself as divine and light, your mirror never shows you what you have inside, where all coding is made for the outside, bring your love to a level of removing all fears and negativity, then changes will happen by themselves, without medic or treatments, humans have the power to heal but with society, we have forgotten almost 99% of it. Meditate to silence your mind, bring peace to your heart and LOVE the Love that made u so beautifully :) xoxo

  14. Yes, the posts by the mgreenwood & gaultfalcon & Karyll said are completely true. I am 49 yrs old, and have seen acne and other skin issues clear up completely when the diet is free of dairy, meat, & processed foods. My bf has oily skin w acne (at 48, now is 50), began his diet change by juicing (carrots, spinach, kale, grapes, and apples), then ate lots of raw produce and used only whole grain products. He also keeps those sani-wipes from CVS pharmacy in his pocket, to clean his skin, removing bacteria, oil, dust/contaminants/pollution, thereby allowing his skin to heal faster from the underside, by not clogging it on the outer-side. I know make-up is fairly essential for you given your condition--if, however, you are home for a few days and will go w/o it, cleaning it every few hrs /w the alcohol wipes, you will find it to begin it's healing. It goes w/o saying, too, to have very clean hands when starting your foundation routine (impressive, btw), and once you start a new diet/lifestyle, to somehow remove all former bacteria from your makeup tools/brushes.
    You're awesome, gf!! Try the juicing/food-as-grown approach and you will see *IMPRESSIVE* results.
    Here is a great website for recipes and info on how to make the adjustments
    ...and then scroll down to see the link "Recipes for Living Well." This is an entire cookbook online, which I have in hardcopy, and have used to the point of needing it re-bound because it fell apart.
    Btw, I also use a special face brush to clean my face and neck in the shower/sink. It's by Shiseido and well worth the investment. Mine looks/works like new, and I've had it 25 yrs!,default,pd.html&cgid=skincare-tools#!i%3D1
    Best wishes and a clean-clear skin future to you!!

  15. good stuff girl. very courageous.

  16. brave beautiful girl, Cass. I can testify that dealing with acne and rosacea is a heartbreaking struggle. but i have found something so completely different than anything you have ever tried, that it is a miracle plain & simple. i found out you don't have to even HAVE acne anymore.
    give me your address & i'll send you some. i can't NOT share it. it is too huge a gift!
    Rebecca redoxx(dot)asea(at)gmail(dot)com

  17. I used to get bad acne break-outs from pasting on make-up like you do. When I cut back to only a little bit of eye shadow and lip gloss, it all cleared up.

    Make-up just seals everything in and your skin can't breath. Also the less you touch your face the better.

  18. You go, girl.
    Found your videos to be moving, yet so informative.
    So many of us struggle with self-esteem issues from weight to skin to ... you name it.
    I admire your bravery to go on video for all to see. You have no idea how many people's lives you are touching.

  19. It's good to see how many people are commenting on your beauty and courage and sweet nature, because even when you reveal your makeupless face, they shine out over everything else. I bet I'm not the only person to view this who wanted to just give you a huge hug for being such a terrific person, and to wish you all good things for the future.

  20. I'm really excited to have found your video today!! Stay brave, stay fearless. You're beautiful and You Rock!!

  21. I had bad problems with Acne - turns out i had an allergy to Tree Nuts. took me years to figure out what i was eating that caused it. Months to go away, now i get the odd blemish. major difference from then until now. If i had a handful of Cashews right now, tomorrow i'd wake up to some bad pimples. very weird.

  22. Just saw your video on Kudos to you for helping others who may also be suffering with acne... you rock, girl.

  23. I'm another of the ones who saw your video on Wimp. It was not an easy thing which you did, showing yourself with no make up on. Kudos to you.

    I'd like to suggest that you might try some aloe vera gel on your skin after you've cleaned your make up off. Aloe has some very good healing properties. While I can't guarantee that it would clear your skin up, I have been very fortunate with using it on cuts and pimples. Of course, everyone responds differently to different things, but I thought I'd pass that along.

  24. Just saw your video. I had acne similar to yours when I was a teenager. But being a guy, applying make-up wasn't an option.

    I eventually found the formula that got me acne free:

    1. scrub with plain (non-moisturizing) soap 3 times daily.
    2. don't apply any kind of creams, moisturizers, sun tan lotion, or any other kind of product to skin. The products block the pores which leads to more acne.
    3. wash hair with non-moisturizing shampoo daily. Don't ever use any moisturizer. You need to get the oil out of your hair which gets onto your skin.
    4. never touch affected areas with your hands. Your hands are oily and carry tons of bacteria. If you must, wash the affected area afterwards with non moisturizing plain soap.
    5. get lots of sun exposure and the occasional light sunburn. The sunburn helps exfoliate the skin. A sunlamp can be used in the winter.
    6. keep a healthy diet, don't eat greasy foods.
    7. eat plenty of fiber to prevent constipation. Constipation contributes to oily skin which causes acne.

    This has worked very well for me.

    Best of luck.

  25. I started using the Dan Kern regimen on The first two weeks were BRUTAL on my skin - redness, toughness, irritation and burning. By week 3 no pimples at all and skin begins to tone out. Now in week 4 and skin is still toning out more. Looking amazing.

  26. You are beautiful. You posting a video with your biggest insecurity is insanely awesome and brave.

  27. I had very severe acne too. All over my face and my back. As an Asian woman in her 20's with acne surrounded by women in my community and culture with flawless skin, I resorted to makeup to cover up my imperfections.

    But I hated the feeling of waking up and seeing my face in the mirror.

    So I went off makeup completely, and I have to admit that it was one of the most insecure, nerve-wracking decisions because I was so sensitive about my skin. Afterwards I tried everything from different diets to every 3-step plan imaginable to holistic remedies, organic products, and multi-vitamins, but nothing worked.

    And this is going to sound like a plug, but I really don't care. I already knew about Accutane and birth control pills, but I didn't want to take anything that might have too severe of side effects. So as a last resort, after skipping that website on numerous google searches because I thought it was a scam, I bought the Dan Kern regimen on

    I've been using it for 6 months now, and honestly, I still have red scars on my face. But NO new acne. My skin is smooth; my t-zone is clear. I also bought the AHA+ that he was selling, and it has literally been the best thing for my skin.

    Is my skin perfect? No, far from it. But is it clearer than it was 6 months ago? YES.

    I'm not touting this as the end-all solution for every single person. I just know that it worked for me.

    I just wanted to share a bit of my acne journey (sounds a little corny), and to repeat what everyone else has been saying in that I think you are very brave and beautiful. Not just physically (which you definitely are), but also inside too (getting even cornier now).

    To anyone else struggling with acne, I wanted to say that too. Don't give up hope, and whether you use makeup or not, no matter how severe your acne, I still believe firmly (though I didn't think this about myself haha) that you are beautiful.

    :) Love you!

  28. Followup to my comment 4 paragraphs above:

    OK, I realize my last comment was the typical "guy" comment. When there's a problem, girls want to say things to make you feel better. Guys want to find a solution to the problem. Funny, but true.

    So my last comment proposed the solution. Believe me, it really works. But I left a few things out. When I said, 'don't put anything on your skin', I really meant it. No cosmetics!!! no medical creams. Nothing except soap and hot water. You need to keep your skin pores open and clean. And when I said scrub your face with hot soap and water, I meant you need to scrub vigorously, with a washcloth. Scrub your skin as hard as you can. get every bit of oil and bacteria out of every pore. And don't use any kind of fancy soap with moisturizers.... these soaps are intended for people without acne, but any type of moisturizer contains oils that will make the problem worse. If you have acne you have oily skin and you need to eliminate oils of any type. And please don't apply any type of cream (even medicated cream) afterwards.

    Second, getting back to the guy/girl thing: guys only want to propose solutions to the problem, whereas girls want to say something to make you feel better.

    My impression is that you don't need this because if you're so brave as to post this video you obviously have your emotions in check. But still, I should say, you have natural beauty. I think you're brave and beautiful.

    I wonder how you could take my advice since it would mean doing the opposite of what you are doing now. It would be far better to cure the problem than mask it, don't you think?

    I don't know how old you are, but if you are less than 21 then I'd say be patient because most acne goes away after you're 21.

    But either way I am certain that you will have better skin sooner if you follow my advice.

    Your dermatologist will not (can not) endorse "sunburn" because they are afraid of getting sued later on if you get skin cancer. They know it's therapeutic and effective but won't tell you for fear of getting sued. But a mild sun burn doesn't present a great risk but it has huge benefits for clearing up your skin.

    Net summer try this out: Don't put anything on your skin: no makeup, no sun block, nothing at all except vigorous scrubbing with soap and hot water, go to a place where you can swim in a pool or lake and get lots and lots of sun, don't touch your face with your hands, you'll see.... you'll have no more acne.

    Again... best of luck. Don't worry, for most people, acne goes away eventually.

  29. I agree with bruce, your skin needs to detox, covering with chemicals on a daily basis is not the solution, you are a very beautiful girl with or without acne. Excessively oily skin is almost always related to your diet.

    maybe this will help if you decide to keep wearing makeup

    The best of luck to you, and congratulations on getting on's front page :)

  30. I looked at your video on I did not look all the way through and from the very little I am seeing, I believe that you have some concerns about isotretinoin.

    Let be upfront, I am not a Dermatologist. However, I have been a representative for three different pharmceutical companies in the last 14 years. Most of my buisness has been with acne and all of my customers' are Derms.

    It is safe to say that, while on isotretinoin, one cannot risk becoming pregnant. Iso WILL cause birth defects. That risk dissapears once you are off the drug. As for issues with depression, that is not a real issue with Iso. In my professional opinion, depression is an out growth of severe cystic acne, which you have.

    I say all of this because you are the perfect candidiate for Iso. One or two rounds of treatment and you will be clear to almost clear for the rest of your life. THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

    Let me assure you, while you are on Iso, you will have dry skin and cracked lips. You will feel like you have a sunburn. Your skin will be raw. That is the Iso ending the over production of sebum in your skin... this will effect your face, neck and back.

    You can deal with this with moisturizers.

    I implore you to reconsider this method of treatment. It will change your life.

    By the way, you are an indescribably beautiful girl with a bright and courageous personality.

    You can beat this thing. Please, see your Derm again.

  31. First of all you are beautiful!

    Thank you for talking about acne! I have had acne since 7th grade. For some reason around my 28th birthday it got WAY worse. It was brutal and embarrassing. I have tried every type of acne remedy out there including Accutane. Nothing worked. Finally I went to a Naturopath to get food allergy testing. Turns out I have an allergy to gluten and dairy. As soon as I eliminated these from my diet my face cleared up immediately!

    Good luck with your journey and thank you for talking about acne:)

  32. heyho! Found you on! You actually reamind me of my ex-girlfriend. You both look great, with or without make-up :)

    First.. your doctor CAN prescribe you many different medicaments for treating acne - which WORKS. I really hope you've consulted a doctor, because I got blown away the first time I found out after having acne for 4-5 years. I didn't event know these meds existed, and none of my friends or other adults had ever told me about it. It wasn't before I had problem sleeping, (acne on my back) which I went to a doctor. They have different meds for various degree of acne.

    Trouble with make-up (could) be that it enhanced the growth of acne, but you surely know that..

    If your doctor cant help you, go to another and ask. For most cases (I cant promise, but in most cases) he will prescribe you either some tablets or a creme if I remember it right.

    Second.. threre are shitloads of "products" all over the Internet for treating acne. (just watch the comments..) I wouldn't count for one of them unless my doctor says otherwise. I was desperate i my teens troubling with acne too, so I know the feeling, and I would have tried anything and bought anything.

    Here in Norway these products are quite safe, i believe - at least then your doctor is prescribing things. (I don't know any other country trying to be more over-secure with our pharmaceutical products as we are - yet).

    I've even heard the doctor being pissed of teen-age kids parents for not taking them to the doctor more immediate.

    In my point of view this is not something your should be troubling with still at your age, unless your pregnant or are using other medicaments etc. Hormones are the cause of acne in 9/10 cases, so washing your face 3 times daily wont do any wonder - unless you have a terrible hygiene, and are training, sweating all day.. blablabla

    Last thing.. many of the above comments I read as spam, many written by humans too (not spambots). So don't take everything here so seriously.

    Good luck Girl :)

  33. Stumbled upon your video, on, where you took off all your makeup and I just want to say you are a wonderfully beautiful girl inside and out :D

  34. I hope that others are able to see what I saw from your video on and that was a strong, beautiful person that had the guts to show her true beauty to the world.

  35. hey i thought id give you a little tip. due to the industrialization of today's food industry the ratio of omega 6(inflammatory) to omega 3(anti inflammatory) fats in our diet causes rampant inflammation. so i know it may seem like a crazy suggestion because you think your skin is "oily" but its more the fact that your body is expunging the inflammatory oils(fats) in the hope of balancing the ratio. long story short, i would invest in some fish oil(personally i take solgars omega 950) 4 softgels 3-4 times a day.
    if you want any more info on setting up a nutrition plan that will clear you up in no time feel free to drop me a line

  36. I can't see any acne because I can't stop looking at your beautiful blue eyes. You're beautiful baby, don't let a little acne make you think any less of yourself, it's only temporary.

  37. You are really beautiful without makeup! And your eyes are just amazing.

  38. Found your video on I happily at last wear little makeup and couldn't really care less about beauty tips but it's amazing and empowering to watch you share yourself so openly. I could never have been that honest.

    I became a vegetarian in high school and my minimal teenage acne exploded. I had very bad skin until well into my thirties. Then for a different reason I cut out dairy. My skin cleared up completely for the very first time. Now I see that when I became vegetarian I started eating tons of dairy.

    I had obsessed for years trying to find a cure in one product or vitamin or covering makeup after another. In the end the answer for me was very simple and easy to test but I suffered years of embarrassment and heartache. I wish for you to slow down a little. The water fasting is extreme but seems to be telling you something about your body. Try an elimination diet. Let your skin breathe with nothing on it.

    So many posts here applauding your honesty and sending you love.

  39. Why dont you stop using makeup so you dont make a bad problem worse? I dont get it.... at all.

  40. What a beautiful young lady you are, with and without makeup, absolutely stunning.

  41. just saw your video on - i agree that you are beautiful without make up and through your bravery, I'm sure you have helped thousands of other teenagers who face the same acne issue. plus, you are an incredibly talented make up artist with i bet, a very bright future. maybe the acne is a blessing in disguise, teaching u how to perfect the art of makeup, so that u can have a booming career in make artistry!!! keep up the great work.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. would you like to dance with me?

  44. Eat freshly cooked liver, wildpig preferred and go to sauna. Beer also helps.

    K.K. from Estonia.

  45. Hey you might want to check out this link about acne being related to gluten/dairy in your diet for some people. I personally used to have acne all over my back, and once I started eating gluten free, it cleared up!

  46. Acne, no acne, you're still beautiful. Great face, great bones, great eyes, great mouth. You're beautiful.

  47. [Condescending] Have you tried not covering your skin with cement?
    ...nice initiative
    Keep it up

  48. Ya, my theory was the amount of products being used. Plus the fingers have oils too.

  49. Hi,
    I've been on Accutane a whopping FIVE separate times, from age 16 to 25, and my acne always came back. Same for my brother, was the same for my mom...some of us just have terrible skin. HOWEVER, my new dermatologist thought we should try an off-label use of Spironolactone, a blood pressure medication that apparently helps eliminate acne in adult women. A very low dose of that plus birth control, Retin-A topical green gel, and my Clarisonic face brush, and I'm completely acne-free. Literally. I get the occasional small bump on my back right around my menstrual cycle, and that's IT. I was completely skeptical when she suggested it, and now I'm SO grateful. You might want to ask your doctor about it... And ignore the idiots who are telling you not to wear makeup. I went without makeup for 2 months after a really awful surgery, and it doesn't make a difference. As long as you're using a good brand of makeup, it's fine. The scientists behind the products aren't going to develop something that will clog your pores. But they don't understand because they haven't had acne as badly as we have, plus I'm sure they haven't been trained in make-up -- I used to be a regional make-up artist for Estee Lauder. I truly believe that if it makes you more confident for whatever reason, if you're not hurting anyone else, just do it. I always feel more polished and put together with makeup!

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  51. Found your videos somewhere online (wimp dot com). You are an incredible woman. I too am ashamed of my own skin and have been fighting it for several years now. As a guy, there is little to be done for acne anywhere on the body.

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  56. Switching your diet to a lot of healthy fruits, vegetables and lean proteins would be a good thing. While these food choices might not be able to eliminate acne on their own, they would be providing your body with a host of good nutrients. click to see cool healthcareguru review here

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