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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photos Of Makeup Tutorials!!

Helloooo!! I'm sure that you've noticed I speak about photos in my videos, but seldom post them for all to see! You can view most of the photos in the side/bottom bar (they are posted as links). I thought that a blog post would be the perfect opportunity to upload some photos of the makeup looks, with links to each tutorial. Feel free to look at the photos, and click the ones you like to watch the vid's on how to do it yourself!!


Double Winged Eye Liner Tutorial

Bright Lights/ Special Events Makeup

Neutral Christmas Inspired Makeup

Dramatic New Years/Party Blue Glitter Tutorial


New Years/Party Nail Tutorial

Smokey Cat Eye Tutorial

Dramatic Christmas Makeup


Seasons Greeting Holly Berry Nail Tutorial
                                                          Perfect Red Lips Tutorial


I have no idea what to title my blog... So until I come up with something more clever this is it!! I'll be updating here all sorts of things, makeup, sales, shopping, fitness, modeling, personal life, pets, fanmail, and just about anything esle you request!

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