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Thursday, April 14, 2011

BREAKING OUT To Test Wivestails... Acne One Updates, Before and Afters!

Hey Guys! as many of you know, Im currently going ACNE CREAM FREE for acne (only remivng my makeup!)... TRYING to break myself out, in order to test a water+1 acne product theory! (read about it HERE)

I'm not don 'breaking out' yet, but once I feel my skin is really going crazy, I will be dramatically increasing my fluid intake and adding one acne product, to test this old acne-curing myth and puslish the reults on youtube for you!!!

The one product I wil be using is Acne One Ste Spray. Ive chose this one because it has worked for me in the past, so I know what that product does for me. It generally dos nothing the first week, then starts to make me break out, my skin gets VERY dry, and then my skin stops producing as much oil, and a month or two in I dont get new pimples, my skin just heals the onld ones.

Because I know how this product works for me, I'm able to use it and effectively test the water in addition to it. Because I know the results I get from Acne One, and different outcomes are therefore caused by the water. (its like science, isolating one variable in order to test an outcome)

Ive chosen Acneone because it works for me, I know my skins reaction to it, and it;s SO simple for me to use! Theres no confusing 10285081 step regimen to follow- its spray here, spray there, over, under, without makeup, and its small, so I can take it on the go to  MEETUPS TO GET TO SEE YOU IN LOS ANGELES, NEW YORK, AND SAN FRAN! (Click to learn the details of where you can I can hang out!!!!)

I wanted to publish a few photos of my before and afters, so that I can look back at this blog post after water+acneone and see the results. (It also helps me de-clutter my computer and clear up some space!)

Ive been using it since december, and its een the first thing in a LONG time that has worked this well, this quickly for me. AcneOneStep was kind enough to let me try out my first bottle free, and although I thought it was a joke, I didnt have much to loose. im so glad I started using it, so YES, to those who have asked I gladly gave them my photos to do what they wanted with- I was shocked, and grateful when I looked back at my "Acne/Skin Picture Diary" on my computer and saw such a difference.

Here are some photos, (that I need to clear off my desktop) taken about a month apart.

Im excited to test everything out, and share more reults with you!!! Of course, if you have additional questions, requests, or want me to test out theories that YOU have heard that have worked, Id be happy o take a look at them in hopes of finding something interesting :)

Love you guys!

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